The suet life of woodpeckers

We have a really nice variety of birds coming to our feeders, but not many woodpeckers. How can we attract more of them?

Woodpeckers like suet, whole corn and whole nuts. Most garden centers have a good nut mix that can be put in feeders, and a good variety of suet cakes and cake holders that will present a nice variety for even the fussiest of woodpeckers.

I am going to plant a few herbs next year. We would like to make apple jelly and I thought it might be nice to flavor a few of them with herbs. What herbs would flavor apple jelly?

Try adding leaves of thyme, rosemary, mint, lemon balm or basil. Put two to three leaves in the jar just before you pour the jelly in.

Can I prune lower branches off my ash tree now?


If the leaves have fallen from your tree, it is dormant, which is the best time to prune shade trees.

Will applying Diazinon to my lawn keep moles out of my yard? I still have some Diazinon left from previous years as I know it is difficult or impossible to find now.

White grubs are a favorite food for moles. The idea here is that Diazinon will kill the white grubs in the soil, and hopefully, the mole will become discouraged and leave to work areas where there are white grubs. We now have a good mole repellent that has worked well, especially when used after applying Diazinon. 

My neighbor mixes some kind of powder with his bird feed that the squirrels don’t like. It must work pretty well because now the squirrels are all over my feeders. I think I have read about this product in your column. What is it called?

The product is probably "Squirrel Away." It does work, especially for people who set ear corn or peanut feeders out for the squirrels.

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