Time to address needs over wants

Suck it up, cupcake. The last thing this country needs is more complaining. But that’s exactly what America is doing.

The frustration is understandable. The people of this country want stuff done. But there’s a problem. We the people need to understand that essential difference between our wants and needs.

Our biggest problem in this suffering economic time: jobs. Yet there’s also that demon looming in the background called our national debt.

Here’s the choice: Either balance the budget for the good of America’s name, or overspend to bring jobs that are needed now. People would like to have both, but that is not possible.

We cannot create new jobs without spending more than we already are. We cannot cut spending without losing more jobs. If we try and do both, create jobs without spending a lot of money, issues arise.


The biggest issue is that if we don’t spend enough, not only are we not saving and creating enough jobs to stop unemployment from rising, but we will also have to spend more money in the future to take care of the issue.

Thus, the most cost-effective way would be to take care of the job issue now rather than later. We the people need jobs. The national debt shouldn’t get in the way of saving this country.

I also realize that this issue of needs and wants also exists for the younger people of our city. Not many high-schoolers are too worried if they have a job or not now, but we are worried about our school’s budget.

We need more money for our school programs. We need to keep the arts in school. We need to keep the teacher-to-student ratio low. We need more class diversity to choose from.

But with less funding going toward the schools, our school district has had to make even more budget cuts, cutting teachers, classes and extracurricular funding.

People are complaining about the cuts, but there’s really only one thing adults can do to help: pay more taxes.

Once again problems arise. Nobody really wants to pay more taxes, especially those without kids who are more worried about their own wallets than the future generations. But it must be done. The state budget isn’t going to get bigger anytime soon, so it’s time for taxpayers to commit to investing in this country’s future generations.

No matter what kind of background we come from, there are always needs and wants. In order to form a more perfect union, we the people must address our needs first. And that means making some tough sacrifices in order to regain jobs and replenish school budgets.

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