Two new stores to love

Two new stores to love
Handfelted hats are available at Handcrafted Boutique in Lanesboro.

When Cheryl Lamon, of Lanesboro, got tired of selling her quilts and fabric items at craft fairs, she crafted a store of her own.

Handcrafted Boutique, an art and craft gallery, opened this spring in the former space of Cheryl's Apparel at Tours and Treasures , located in the feed mill, 102 E. Beacon St., Lanesboro.

"I just want a place to sell my stuff and I thought other artists would like the opportunity to sell stuff without having to be there," she said.

A dozen artists have already signed on, paying either a monthly fee or working at the store, plus a 10 percent commission, she said.

Vendors come from across the area and Wisconsin selling everything from jewelry and scarves to letter photography and metal signs to cards and stained glass. Of course there's also Lamon's quilts, hats, aprons, table runners, napkins and placemats.


There's room for about six more vendors.

The store is open six months of the year, May 1 to Oct. 31, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. In the winter months the space will be used for small group retreats, such as scrapbooking groups and family reunions, she said.

For information about being a vendor, call (507) 467-4466.

Junkmarket's Little Sister

Another new store in Lanesboro is being dubbed Junkmarket's Little Sister.

Sue Whitney, founder of Junkmarket Style and one of the nation's premiere junk experts, opened Getfresh Vintagethe first weekend in August at 116 N. Parkway.

In addition to her own repurposed creations, Whitney also hand-selected six vendors, including jewelers and folk-art artists who paint on reclaimed wood.

Future plans for the store include a library where people can have a cup of coffee or tea and mull over designs, and spaces for classes and events, she said. She's planning a women's weekend for Nov. 2-4 and other events.


Pink ribbon gets French twist

A new collection by ELLE , the fashion magazine, helps support the fight against breast cancer in a fashion-conscious way.

The ELLE collection includes tees, pajama bottoms, scarves, candles and totes with the signature pink ribbon incorporated into a Parisian themes. All of the items range from $5 to $10 and are available at Kohl's, 20 25th St. S.E., Rochester.

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