What was hot in 2021 should remain hot in 2022

Columnist Sandy Erdman says anything related to gasoline, automobiles, beer is expected to be popular with collectors.

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2021 Gas related and automobile collectibles found at Sarah's Uniques and Jim's Mantiques, St. Charles..jpg
Gasoline-related and automobile collectibles such as these found at Sarah's Uniques and Jim's Mantiques in St. Charles should remain highly sought after by collectors in 2022.<br/>

With Christmas passed it's time to check in with local antique malls and shops to see what antiques and vintage items were hot and if they will remain hot into 2022.

Sarah Kieffer of Sarah's Uniques & Jim's “Man”tiques, St. Charles, said 2021 was a good year for old tins or any sort of antique advertising items — especially if it was related to gasoline, oil or automobiles. Sporting goods, old fishing tackle, traps, ammunition, and antique tools were hits, as well as old wooden boxes with advertising, antique Hoosiers and dry sinks and cabinets for furniture.

"I think 2022 will bring very similar type of collectibles,” she said.

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Laurie Rucker of Vintage Treasures and Home Decor, in St. Charles said, “I sold lots of cottage and boho-style home decor, such as natural wood and iron tables, stands, wood bowls and carvings, baskets, ladders and benches, mostly handcrafted. Also huge sellers this year were wash tubs, urns, ornate plant stands and lawn ornaments. Beer signs, old crates with advertising, vintage clothing, jewelry, quilts and anything unique or unusual! I expect 2022 to be the same.”

“Our top items for the year were vintage clothing, cast iron pans and toys, advertising items, camping related items, Fenton, and toys from the '80s and older. Fishing and hunting related items were hot,” said Chris Rand Kujath from The Old River Valley Antique Mall in Stewartville.


Hot 2021, Vintage Pyrex at New Generations of Harmony.jpg

At New Generations of Harmony, Erica McClain said 2021 was busy and many trends continue from the previous year — vintage Pyrex, blow molds, farm toys and advertising pieces.

"We don’t see these trends changing any time soon as there are just so many collectors," she said. "A lot more cast iron, 1950s ice tea glass sets and carriers, tins and enamelware. Pieces like these coordinate really well with the ever-popular farmhouse style in addition to actually providing function. "

Farmhouse style, she said, is a laid-back versatile decor that "makes sense for this part of the country and we don’t see it going away any time soon.”

Hot 2021 Beer related items found within Angie's Vintage Rust at Treasures Under Sugar Loaf, Winona.

Vendors Galen Lohrenz and Angie Pehler at Angie's Vintage Rust in Treasures Under Sugar Loaf in Winona the shop had significant interest and increased sales in beer related items, gas-related signs, cast iron items and advertising tins.

"We are seeing more interest in stoneware crocks and smaller stoneware jugs with advertising," Pehler said.

Neil Hunt of A-Z Collectibles in Winona agreed that "cast iron has been a very fast seller, and I expect it to remain so for a while longer as good quality cast iron is selling."

At his shop, books are always a good sellers — classics as well as vintage teen mysteries.

Vinyl records have been doing well, "if I can find the right artist," Hunt said. "Lots of people are looking for the old rock 'n roll and jazz.”
Sandy Erdman is a Winona-based freelance writer and certified appraiser concentrating on vintage, antique and collectible items. Send comments and story suggestions to Sandy at .


Antiques & Collectibles — Sandy Erdman column sig

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