What's in Store: Red raises money for critical research

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Each February for more than a decade, going red for women has been a way to raise awareness about the impact of heart disease in women.

This past week, a fashion show was put on by Macy'sduring the Go Red for Womenluncheon. In it, one of the models wore a limited edition red Calvin Klein dress ($134) down the runway. Also available at Macy's and designed to support the Go Red for Women movement is a limited edition red dress by Kensie.

"Ten percent of the purchase price of each dress goes to Go Red for Women," said Peg Dass, women's apparel manager at Macy's at Apache Mall.

"As the founding national partner, Macy's has been a proud supporter of Go Red For Women for more than a decade," said Martine Reardon, Macy's chief marketing officer. Macy's has raised more than $55 million to support the fight against heart disease in women, resulting in 285 lives saved each day through the movement.

Going vibrant


Alyssa Preuss, owner of Herring Art and Frame(2002 Second St. SW, Rochester) has been busy making changes, bringing in new merchandise, and seeking out former favorites to bring back into her store.

One of the gallery rooms is now painted. "We just have to finish doing the rest of the gallery now," Preuss said.

She has just brought in jewelry by Dunitz & Company, a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America, into the store.

"It's handmade and kind of fit in with my gallery theme here. A lot of it is intricate beadwork. It's hard to see in the picture," said Preuss. She ordered a small selection and now knows she'll be ordering more since having a chance to see them in person. "They're handmade. They come in different colors and they're always coming out with new things."

Each piece of beadwork is handcrafted in Guatemala by Mayan Indian women and is primarily made from Czechoslovakian and Japanese glass beads. Other materials used include vintage buttons, tagua slices, glass pearls, ribbons, leather, and semi-precious stones.

"I really love her (Nancy Dunitz's) stuff. The beadwork and when it shines in the light is vibrant, very detailed," Preuss said. She also carries some glass jewelry by Dunitz and Company. "I have some glass earrings, some glass necklaces. She calls them Joanie M — the glass jewelry. It's still fair trade." The glass jewelry is priced slightly higher, with some retailing for around $29.

Jewelry isn't the only thing becoming vibrant at Herring Art and Frame. New etchings by Beki Killorin are more vibrant than her past pieces. "She's using very vibrant colors and the gold foiling is a new thing for her," Preuss said. Each picture in the set pictured has a tannish-gold silk mat and gold frame around it. The set is sold as a whole because in each piece, the fish are going around the gold foil sun in the middle. Preuss will be framing a set of cranes by Killorin soon.

Preuss is bringing back Russian handblown glass vases by Essie Zareh. "It's called Baijan Glass," said Preuss. "I came across it because it had been in the store before I had taken over. I loved his pieces."


As Preuss gathers old favorites, finds new, and freshens up the galleries in her store with new paints, it'll be fun to see what she'll have in store next.

Herring Art & Frame is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays and Saturdays, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

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Macy's Dress Calvin Klein

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