What's on your wish list?

As a kid, coming up with Christmas wish lists was easy. With all of the hundreds of TV commercials out there geared toward young minds, every day it seemed there was something new that got added to the already mile-long list.

As we get older, material items take on less importance, and you realize the things you want most for the holidays aren't something that can be bought in a big-box store. But still, the inevitable question will be asked, and you'll be forced to come up with at least a few things you wouldn't mind finding under the tree.

So we asked readers, "What's on your Christmas wish list this year?"

• Dave Berg:"Frames to hang the pictures I've taken over the last few months..."

• Amy Bennett:"My wish is to find a full time job so i dont have to work 4 jobs"


• Hilary Jones-Boehnke:"A romantic night with my husband with NO PHONES!"

• Cheryl Asvang:"Jobs"

• Brian Jump:"I'd like a wife! :)"

• Sara Schmidt:"To win the Powerball! I spose that would mean I would have to actually buy a"


We also asked, "What's the strangest gift you've ever received?"

• Rene Jones Lafflam:"A box of Jell-o! Thanks Gma Jones."

• Pat Ridout: "Have a great one but best not post here since the person who gave it to me is likely to see it here on Facebook :)"


• Reka Crohn:"a dustbuster on a stick. What a lovely gift that was!"

• Travis Mueller:"PB subscription. not really but what would be odder? (if that is a word?)"

• Becky Janke Lukes:"Cha Cha Cha Chia"

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