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Jill Minette-Stacey. Your Style


Jill Minette-Stacy:She makes the most of style

Motto: If you will wear it a lot, it's worth paying more — but also check out the consignment shops.

Investing one's time efficiently and effectively cannot but help yield positive returns, says Jill Minette-Stacey, financial advisor with Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors in Rochester.

In fact, she says, she has tried to capitalize on this thinking throughout her life to achieve the maximum growth and contribution, personally and professionally.


She grew up and attended college in Wisconsin before coming to Rochester 26 years ago for an internship at Mayo Clinic. She went back to school, completed her graduate degree and changed careers to investment adviser and financial planner, which she's done ever since.

Jill and her husband, Darryl, have two sons in high school.

"I am very active in the community," she said. "I am a KM (Kasson Mantorville) School Board member, a Rochester Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, a board member for the Kasson Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Dodge County DMC (Destination Medical Center) Steering Committee and part of the leadership team for the Med City Marketers BNI group.

"In my spare time, I love to read, play golf, ride my motorcycle and watch my kids play sports," she said. "I truly believe that busy people get more accomplished."

Would you share a little about your style?

My "style" reflects my business, which is a huge part of me. Contemporary classic. It is consistent, comfortable and refined but always fun.

Where did your style originate?

My style came from the person I wanted to be — likely in high school and college. I wanted to be sophisticated, with an understated elegance, yet all business. I manage people's money and their financial plans and I take this very seriously — my style must reflect this.


Have there been any appreciable changes in your style?

When I left healthcare and moved into my business/financial career, my style changed. I work longer hours, travel and need to be comfortable yet polished for the whole day into the evening. I always purchase comfortable shoes and outfits that can go easily from day to evening.

Is there something in particular you hope your style communicates about you?

Colors tell a lot about you. I use the colors that best reflect me — blue, dark with some bright accents, and black on occasion. I am serious but like to have fun, and the bright accents pull that part of me into my style.

How does your professional style differ from your casual attire or look?

They differ significantly. On the weekends, I can be found at a soccer game wearing Komet blue or on my motorcycle wearing Harley orange — the weekends are all about comfort.

What is the most essential part of your style portfolio?

Jewelry. I believe that it adds the final touch to any outfit.


Do you prefer necklaces, bracelets, pins?

Always a necklace. Bracelets get in the way at work. Love pins, but it is hard to find great pins. My favorite is one that I can hang my "cheaters" on — dual purpose.

Do you have favorite or most sentimental piece?

My grandmother's suede coat. I think of her whenever I wear it.

Is there something in your wardrobe that people would find surprising?

Chuck Taylor Converse. I have them in red, blue, purple and beige.

What is your preferred season in terms of style or attire?

After last winter, anyone in Minnesota would have to say spring. I always am excited to see what will be popular in the warmer months, especially the sandals.


Are there any new styles — business or casual — that you will venture to incorporate with the warmer weather, whenever it might truly arrive?

Absolutely. I love to wear dresses, and this spring, the florals are going to be huge — bold berry, corals and a variety of designs.

Does your home decor reflect your style?

Ha! I am low maintenance at home. I just don't have time to spend on it — my husband takes care of it. He is the home decor guru.

Do you believe Rochester has a style, either traditionally or today?

It is much different than when I first came to Rochester in 1988. Back then, it was very conservative. There is a much more eclectic vibe now. I love the variety.

Any style advice you would like to offer?

Yes. Have someone help you if you need a fashion boost. Have your colors done — there are colors that can make you look great or make you look drab. I worked with Christine Lahr of Image Solutions to utilize the best outfits/separates in my closet. It was great! I found a number of great outfits and combinations that I never would have thought of.


If you are on a budget, don't be afraid to try the consignment shops. There are a number in the area and you can find some great variety and buys.

What do you consider the best fashion investments these days for both short term and long term?

I believe in "cost per wear." If you will wear it a lot at work, it is worth paying a little more — a conservative solid colored suit or a great pair of comfortable shoes. If it is an elegant dress and you don't wear it, it is too expensive even if it is on sale. I don't spend too much on clothes! I would rather maximize my monthly investment to my IRA than to my closet. You can look great and not overspend.

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Anne Murphy is a Rochester freelance writer who has been a professional journalist for more than 30 years.

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Jill Minette-Stacey. Your Style

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