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Mariya Maragos

Motto:I love outfits that articulate movement. Costumes are essential in bringing the character to life.

It seems to simple to say, but life here is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for Mariya Maragos, who is playing Mary Poppins in the Rochester Civic Theatre musical opening next weekend.

Playing the English nanny popularized by Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney film, Maragos is continuing to bring her passion for theater and to the local stage, which is a Maragos family tradition.

"I grew up in Rochester," she said, "graduated from Century and attended the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. While in the Twin Cities, I performed with many theater companies, including Minneapolis Musical Theatre, Artistry and the Guthrie. I earned a bachelor of arts degree in theater performance.

"I was then part of the Disney college program at the Walt Disney World resort in their entertainment department," she said. "After finishing the program, I stayed with the company and moved into a performer role.


"Missing family and home, I moved back to Rochester and started working for Bright Horizons as a preschool teacher," Maragos said. "I am still with Bright Horizons and currently working toward a master of arts in education."

Please introduce us to your style.

My style is a tool I use to inject dramatic flair into my life. It's communicative of movement. My style would be at home in a large dance number!

Where did your style originate?

I remember watching all the members of my family up on stage at different times. Their costumes were always a part of the story, adding to the character's identity.

Other inspiration?

When I was little, I would watch "I Love Lucy" all the time. All of Lucy's outfits — they were the best.

Does your Mary Poppins wardrobe in any way reflect your personal style?


Mary Poppins has quirky things such as a parrot on her umbrella and flowers on her hat. For me, I love to wear colorful and fun socks — most are Disney.

Are there fashions from the stage that you consider especially marvelous?

I love outfits that articulate movement — particularly the outfits from movie musicals of the '50s which the dancers wore. They're an extension of expression. (And) after playing the title character (Cinderella, in Chatfield last year), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have my own Cinderella dress and glass slippers in my closet.

You've said you essentially love all of the costumes you've worn on stage. Would you elaborate?

The costumes are essential in bringing the character to life and placing me into the mindset of each character.

Switching roles, please tell us about your professional style for Bright Horizons?

My professional style mainly consists of black skinny pants paired with either a sweater or blouse. Since I work as a preschool teacher, I need to be able to move around and not have spills or paint show up on my outfits.

What is the most essential component in your wardrobe?


All of my accessories — statement necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Bracelets are my favorite.

Do you have a priceless sentimental piece?

My cross. It was a gift from my late aunt and means the world to me.

Ballet flats, which you wore in Cinderella, have become very popular. Do you wear them off stage as well as on?

I love ballet flats and wear them all summer.

Is there something in your wardrobe people would find surprising?

My leather pants!

Anything not currently in your wardrobe that you plan to add?


A tulle skirt.

Favorite color to wear? And one that is not so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

Purple. It and my dark brown hair match nicely. Orange is a color I do not normally wear.

Preferred season in terms of clothing?

Oh, that's tough. The great thing about Minnesota is the four seasons. As the seasons vary, so can my clothing. All are fun.

All song and dance aside, any advice for readers?

Always be yourself. Make your style your own.


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