Your Style: Sue Johnson

Motto:Every woman needs a little black dress and a string of pearls.

At 61, Sue Johnson says she has reached a new high point in life as director of sales for Pinnacle Catering.

"I was born in Rochester and never left, " Johnson said. "I love this community. It is a wonderful place to raise a family.

"I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years," she said. "Three years ago, Joe Powers, Cris Powers and I started Pinnacle Catering together and have enjoyed seeing the growth. It has been a true adventure."

Outside of work, "I enjoy playing golf and boating every chance I get with my family," Johnson said.


Please give us a taste of your style.



It comes from the business I am in — seeing all the styles from our clients that I come in contact with daily. We work with many professional corporate meeting planners and always want to look professional when representing our business.

Is putting together a wardrobe or an outfit at all like creating a menu or an event?

Oh, yes. Everything needs to compliment each other.

Just have to ask, do you carry a tote for business? Or briefcase? With or without a purse?

I carry a large bag with a smaller purse inside.


How does your professional style differ from your casual look?

My professional style — I am always in a skirt, dress or suit. And casual is a skort, shorts or slacks.

What is the most essential component in your wardrobe?

I would say my shoes. Being on my feet for long periods of time, I need comfortable but stylish shoes or heels. Low heels or wedges. I love the look of high heels, but when I am on my feet for long periods of time, I need a comfortable, stylish shoe.

What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe, including accessories?

A little black dress and a string of pearls.

Do you have a priceless piece?

Yes, my black dress. The dress is so comfortable; it washes up beautifully.


When it comes to adding color, what are your favorites?

I wear black a lot, but I also love color, so there isn't any color I dislike. I love to blend colors. I enjoy navy and yellow, orange and hot pink.

Just have to ask, these days, when you are going out for lunch, dinner or an event separate from work, what do you wear?

Daytime, I wear shorts and a nice shirt. Evening, I wear slacks and a nice blouse.

Is there something in your wardrobe people would find surprising?

For casual, I have 43 pairs of golf shoes, I did have 52, but have thrown some away.

Speaking of golf, are there any lines or looks for the course you prefer?

I enjoy wearing Greg Norman. His shorts and shirts are cool to wear and very stylish.


Does this mean summer clothes are your favorite or is there another?

Fall. I believe because fall is so wonderful in Minnesota. I love the layered look — a collar shirt, sweater and sometimes a scarf.

Has your style changed with your stages in life?

Yes. As the years pass and the styles change, I enjoy changing with the styles — age-appropriate, of course.

Where do you see your style going from here?

Not sure, but I will keep updating as styles change.

Any new and admired styles in particular you have seen with clients or others?

I like the look with leggings and a long tunic. So I plan to go shopping for that look.


Advice for readers?

Love what you wear and wear what you love!

Anne Murphy is a Rochester freelance writer who has been a professional journalist for more than 30 years.

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