Your Style: Tiana Rossow

Tiana Rossow, Your Style

Motto:I like to be comfortable, cute, and set for whatever the day brings.

Communications and marketing manager for the Rochester International Airport, Tiana Rossow has found blue skies since arriving here after college a little over a decade ago.

"I'm from Windham and went to the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse," she said. "I had a brother here, so I decided to come to Rochester. I stumbled into a temporary position at the airport."

Rossow now has two siblings here, and says she's glad to have landed in Rochester.

Beyond work, she said, "I am very involved with the Emerging Leaders … of United Givers. They support a lot of community partners. It is a great way to be involved in the community, working with a lot of people and contributing."


Please connect us with your style.

I like to be comfortable. And cute. I dress for whatever the day is going to be. I could be speaking at a conference or filming on a ramp, outdoors in the snow with a plow. I need to be comfortable. And practical.

How do you make it all work?

Versatility. I like dresses. With jewelry, I also tend toward simplicity. My favorite earrings are diamond studs that my boyfriend gave me recently. And I wear silver over gold.

Tell us about your sweater dresses.

Sweater dresses have come back! And I really like them — especially how they look with leggings. I wear mostly solid colors, and they can be accented with different color scarves or jewelry.

Are scarves a favorite?

I love scarves. I have a lot of scarves and a lot of color variety. I guess you could say I have a garden of scarves.


Where do you find your scarves?

I always try to shop locally whenever I can. But I love to travel, and I tend to buy dresses, scarves and handbags when I travel.

And if we see you in a scarf, where might it be from?

I haven't collected many winter scarves on my travels. Typically, I just buy those here. But I do have lighter weight scarves from most of my travels though, Ireland, Spain, England, Seattle, Charleston and San Francisco.

For handbags, whether bought here or abroad, what are your go-tos?

I usually have a larger bag that holds a lot. And I always tend toward buying a good bag that will last longer — good leather and usually solid colors. I don't venture too far out from that. But I change them out for the season.

For shoes, what do you prefer?

I'm always on the go, so I do typically default to flats. As soon as I am headed for warm weather, I have to get into flip-flops! I've found its best to invest in a good pair that is still comfortable for walking around, like Tevas. I only pack shoes that match with multiple outfits. There's no sense in lugging around a heavy pair of shoes to only wear one day.


Further advice on travel?

Don't overpack. I have gotten much better at that. The worst case scenario is that if you don't pack something you truly need, is you have to buy it.

I have to have spinner luggage with wheels that turn 360 degrees, so it's easy to maneuver. I think it's also important to have luggage that you can recognize when it comes out of the turnstile.

Overall, I always want to look nice but being comfortable helps you enjoy your trip.

Anne Murphy is a Rochester freelance writer who has been a professional journalist for more than 30 years.

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