NoTrace didn’t mean to record a country song.

Most of the Rochester rapper’s music has pop and R&B influences. However, NoTrace, who answers to Maurice or Chuck Blount offstage, creates music in what he calls a "flow state" -- improvising over producers’ beats, then going back and polishing what he came up with.

And in the case of his latest single, " Broken Dreams," that just happened to be a genre-bending country/pop/hip-hop track.

"I heard a certain sound and feel I wanted to bring to this song, and I also wanted it to be more true to country music," NoTrace said. "So I found the right singers to deliver the words I had and the feeling, and also got their input."

You’ll hear those two singers’ voices on the track. They chose not to be credited due to contractual obligations. But in fact, they’re more heavily featured than NoTrace himself.

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"It’s all about the message and feel for me, so I don't mind taking more of a backseat on the song, and people hearing less of my voice than normally," he says.

That’ll even out in the next year, though, when NoTrace drops his long-awaited new album -- though he’ll put out some other singles in the meantime to keep his audience’s appetite whetted. (We know the next one will be an R&B song.)

The album will be called "Ariston" -- it’s the name of one of NoTrace’s sons, and means "the best" in Greek, he says.

The project has been in the works for a while, but encompasses "the best" of his music, including 2019 releases like "Vibrations" and "Make It Better."

"It will have a bunch of new music on it, as well as all of the songs I released this year," NoTrace says. "It will feature different genres and represent everything that I am as an artist and person. I really want to let loose and show music fans the many sides that I have, and how diverse I can be."

"Broken Dreams" hits the web(Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube) Friday. And keep an eye out for that album, coming in 2020!