Is insomnia… a good thing?

You may ask yourself that when Cities Never Sleep brings its pop-punk sound to Rochester for a late-night show at Kathy’s Pub. Shut-eye is even less advisable with local favorites Twin Lakes on the bill, and Junior Choir and Crash Cuddle will add the perfect NoDoz dose of post-rock mayhem. The show will take over the second floor of Kathy’s Pub on Friday, starting at 10 p.m. Can we prove Cities Never Sleep’s name right and party all night?

Cities Never Sleep consists of Patrick Tarnowski (vocals/guitar), Joe Alaspa (vocals/guitar), Jake Carlson (guitar), and Ryan "Waldy" Waldemarsen (drums). The band’s been pumping out music for the last decade with eight EPs under their belt, but now they are releasing their first full length album "Try Hard, Forever." While the album will come out on all platforms on September 13, the band will be selling it in CD form at this show, and their set will mainly include its new music.

The band’s covers of songs like the Rick and Morty-inspired "Mr. Meeseeks" and their saucy, sarcastic take on Ariana Grande’s "Thank U, Next" suggests that they have a healthy sense of humor.

Crash Cuddle is an instrumental duo consisting of Charles Duda (guitar) and Garret Benson (drums). Though now based in the Twin Cities, the pair met in Mankato in 2010 during a garden hose incident and have been playing Midwest rock ‘n’ roll ever since.

Junior Choir, a rock quartet from Minneapolis that shares drummer Waldemarsen with Cities Never Sleep, is getting ready to release their debut record later this summer.

Twin Lakes frontman Robert Baune, along with his bandmates Alex Ortberg (drums and backing vocals) and Judah Smith (bass and backing vocals), is excited to be part of a show bringing bands to town from other parts of the state. "Our local bands are really good, but nobody wants to hear the same bands over and over again," he says. "I think it’s a lot more persuasive for us to get people to shows if we have new acts come in." Baune says that Rochesterites won’t want to miss this one, especially the new music from Cities Never Sleep, including their new single "Won’t Let You Go."

"They probably won't be in Rochester again for a long time, so now is your chance," he says.

Ortberg says the Twin Lakes set will include some tunes from their first EP, "Stag," but will also spotlight some new music from their forthcoming ten-song "In the Valley" release. Look for it later this fall. Ortberg says they’ll play a "rockin’ set of electric-centered, danceable tunes."

Let’s make Rochester a city that never sleeps – because it’s too busy listening to bands.

What: Cities Never Sleep with Twin Lakes, Junior Choir, and Crash Cuddle

When: 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Where: 2nd floor of Kathy’s Pub, 307 S Broadway, Rochester

Cost: $10 at the door