Get ready to make your yoga wild and woolly.

Well, woolly at least.

The Pauley Alpaca Company is hosting alpaca yoga Saturday. The alpacas are definitely wooly, but not so wild.

“They’re gentle creatures,” said Brett Pauley, co-owner of the Pauley Alpaca Company.

The popularity of goat yoga prompted the Pauley Alpaca Company to host a similar event with their alpacas. Goat yoga has people doing yoga alongside goats. Oftentimes miniature pygmy goats will join in and even jump onto participants. Pauley said the much larger (and heavier) alpacas won’t be pulling such stunts.

“The alpacas wouldn’t be brave enough to climb on you anyway,” he said.

The event starts at 10 a.m. with an introduction to the alpacas through a gate. They might not be brave enough to climb on participants, but they will be curious about what’s going on, Pauley said. A quick introduction through the gate will help reassure the alpacas — and participants.

After introductions, the alpacas and yoga participants will be let into a grassy field. Pauley said the fresh grass will be a good place for yoga and a nice treat for the alpacas — as long as the yoga isn’t too distracting for them.

“They’ll probably be curious about what everyone is doing,” he said. “Who knows, maybe we’ll get them to try some poses.” Alpacas are pretty dexterous — especially in the neck, Pauley said.

All levels of yoga skill are welcome at the event. The yoga will require only basic and beginning poses. Anyone new to yoga can feel free to participate with minimal embarrassment.

“Alpacas are non-judgmental creatures,” he said.

The event will be the first alpaca yoga session at the Pauley Alpaca Company.

“We said let’s try this to see if there’s interest,” Pauley said.

Depending on the event’s success and participation, Saturday’s alpaca yoga session probably won’t be the last. Depending on other scheduled events and weather, Pauley Alpaca Company might host another yoga event in August.

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