A selection of colorful beers at Forager Brewery

Celebrate Pride colorfully with vibrant local beverages

We at 507 are here to celebrate diversity and all people. With that in mind, we implore you to drink the rainbow. June is Pride Month, so we have gone through colorful drinks, available locally, to represent each color of the LGBTQ+ Pride flag. There are a number of different types of beers, ciders, cocktails, and wine that we could have included. We pared this list down a lot, but the fact of the matter is, drinking has never been so colorful. (I recently had a green milkshake IPA that was delicious, so anything is possible.) With that in mind, drink up – and love your fellow humans.

The Loop Frosé, Porch and Cellar Bloody Mary

Nobody does red-hued drinks better than The Loop. This summer, they’ve brought back the Frosé – a frozen sangria that throws together rosé, St. Germaine, rosé vodka, lemon juice, Moscato, and strawberry and peach purée. Sure, some might say it’s pink, but I think in the right lighting (and based on The Loop’s recent Facebook post), this drink is a vibrant red. Also red and delicious? The Bloody Mary at Porch and Cellar.

Forager Tropical Gummies Make Us Likeable, Toppling Goliath Scorpius Morchella

This delectable orange treat from Forager is filled to the brim with tropical fruit, finishing with a nice tartness that isn’t overwhelming, but provides just enough sourness to give this beer more depth. If you’re looking for something hoppy and orange, check out Scorpius Morchella from Toppling Goliath. The hazy double IPA is on tap and available in cans around town.

LTS Karma, Little Thistle Wetlands

This kolsch is a simple, yellow beer. Clean and easy to drink. And if you’re wondering what kind of yellow it is, think of a macro lager. If you want something a little murkier, Little Thistle’s Wetlands is full of citrus fruit.

Casablanca Mojito

This hazy, light green drink is the perfect concoction of lemon, lime, and mint. Casablanca is a hidden cocktail gem in town. But if this doesn’t sound appealing, you can find a melon margarita just about anywhere in town this summer!

Hot Chip Burger Bar, The Rambler

This amaretto and blue curaçao malted adult milkshake is mightily blue, not unlike Bantha milk in the Star Wars universe. Hot Chip may be a burger and fry joint, but the malted milkshakes are worth seeking out for dessert or a dinner substitute.

Chester’s Blackberry Bush, Victoria’s Aviation

Made with blackberry jam, this cocktail shows off a lighter or darker purple, depending on how the light hits it and how it’s mixed. It’s not only highly Instagrammable, but also delectable. Victoria’s also makes a drink called Aviation with Crème de Violette to meet all of your purple drink needs.

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