Nerdin Out

Brad Vigesaa is co-owner of NerdinOut comics and collectibles store.

Look for some huge changes when comic book/game/general geekery shop NerdinOut moves to its new location downtown.

The brand-new NerdinOut store opens big Saturday with all-day giveaways (goodies! NerdinOut Con 2 tickets!) and a drawing for a brand-new Nintendo Switch.

Late last week, workers were still finishing the floors and putting up a sign on the 2nd Street SW location.

But the windows were already filled with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and LEGO memorabilia to give the public an idea of what was coming to the busy block.

The move was prompted when the store ran out of space, co-owner Brad Vigesaa (he founded the shop with Jake Scharpen) says.

Community contributions

NerdinOut has always tried to be community-driven, Vigesaa says, but didn’t have space for much in the way of public space inside the old store.

Look for eight gaming tables in the back of the new location, as well as a bar area serving nitro coffee.

“Every night, we’ll have something new,” Vigesaa says. Check later on for a schedule, but he hopes to host Magic: The Gathering, board game meetups, and other gaming sessions.

One section of wall inside the new store will be reserved for local artists, as a way to spotlight Rochester works, Vigesaa says. Artists who hope to sell their pieces can look into displaying work there.

NerdinOut will begin renting out a podcast studio after the new opening as well.

“We really wanted to be something for the community,” Vigesaa says, “something outside of your normal comic book store.”

Laser tag

Vigesaa and Scharpen are using the move to expand into a new business avenue as well: laser tag.

The pair will open a new laser tag business – suitable for birthday parties, corporate events, or open play – over the summer, following the store’s opening in June.

“We’re hoping and praying for July 1,” Vigesaa says. Children will be given hand-blasters for a rules-light game called “hero blast,” while adult players can join one of two teams and be given free run of a building adjacent to NerdinOut, which is being fitted with lights, cover, and “respawn areas” where players can regroup after being ‘shot.’

Games will last an hour.

“The whole time you’re playing, it’s, like, a blast,” Vigesaa says. “You’re immersed in the game itself – it’s fun!”

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