Do you like free admission?

Do you like live music?

Do you like pig roasts on a Rochester summertime evening?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then mark your calendar for this Saturday and check out the third annual Five West Music Festival.  

Hosted by F ive West Kitchen and Bar, 1991 Commerce Dr. NW, this kid- and pet-friendly music festival is your Rochester destination for food, fun, and, most importantly, music that lasts all afternoon and evening. With a full lineup of local and Minnesota bands playing everything from classic hits to rock ‘n’ roll to pop, the music festival has a little something for everyone.

While all six bands taking the stage on Saturday have genre-spanning repertoires, maybe the most varied of them all is Twin Cities cover band Whiskery Stone, whose set list includes everything from country and classic rock to funk, pop, and hip-hop.  

Jeff Lungstrom, bassist and Whiskey Stone co-founder, answered our most pressing questions about the band and their plans for the music fest.


Is there a story behind the name Whiskey Stone?

Most of us in the band like to enjoy some whiskey from time to time, and there’s a cocktail accessory called a whiskey stone. You put it in the freezer, and then if you want to pour yourself some drinks, you can put that in the cup instead of traditional ice so that the drink doesn’t get watered down. The idea behind the band was that there are a lot of acts out there that do kind of the same show. We wanted to try some different stuff and not provide the same watered-down performances you see out of a lot of other cover bands.

What should audiences expect?

We definitely pride ourselves on playing a big variety of stuff that offers a little something for everybody. The slogan we like to use is "if you don’t like something, wait five minutes," because we bounce around all night long.

With such a wide range of genres in your set list, how do you choose what to play?

Generally it’s kind of the same list for us from night to night, but we do tweak it a little bit depending on what kind of crowd we’re playing to. It’s all about reading the audience and seeing what you think is going to work. You have a catalog of music that you know, and once you’ve been doing it long enough, you kind of know what’s going to work based on who you’re performing to.

What’s one thing you want audiences to know about Whiskey Stone?

We are going to make you have fun. We like to play, we like each other, we like having fun, and we like the audience.  We want people to come out, enjoy their night, move around, interact and just have fun.

What: Five West Music Fest

When: 12 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18

Where: Five West Kitchen and Bar, 1991 Commerce Dr. NW, Rochester

Cost: Free

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