Thesis Beer Project

Thesis Beer Project owners Adam Fredericksen, left, and Allyson Palmer. (Joe Ahlquist /

Thesis Beer Project’s co-owners Allyson Palmer and Adam Fredericksen nearly didn’t open the latest brewery to enter Med City’s beer scene.

Palmer is currently a second-year resident at the Mayo Clinic, and there was a chance both husband and wife could have ended up across the country with their two Shiba Inu dogs.

Instead, the duo found themselves rooted in Rochester.

The brewery, which officially opens at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13, is in many ways a result of years spent in Minnesota’s beer scene.

Thesis Beer Project

Palmer and Fredericksen met over beer, homebrewed together, served beer at fests, and have plenty of contacts and friendships within the beer scene – locally and statewide. Plus, you may remember that Fredericksen worked with Little Thistle’s Steve Finnie at Grand Rounds, and has also brewed at LTS Brewing Co. and Little Thistle since then.

Both have been putting in a lot of hours to get Thesis launched by summer’s end. The project has delayed its opening a couple of times, but those doors are finally ready to open.

“There’s lots of fires to put out when you’re doing this,” Palmer said of preparing to launch the brewery. “Even though it’s being really busy on your day off, there is an element of fun because you’re getting to see things happen and things come to fruition you’ve been talking about for years.”

Thesis is nestled in Uptown, just beside Tyrol Ski and Sports, at 1929 2nd St. SW, Rochester.

When you view Thesis from the outside, you immediately see color and quirkiness, thanks to the art branding by designer Ross Bruggink.

“Letting him run with it and seeing what he comes back with is maybe my favorite part of this whole process – seeing him bring things to life we can only kind of talk about,” Fredericksen said.

There’s going to be live music. Fredericksen plans to play Packers football games on TV. Thesis will be open to everyone from all walks of life. And there is even coffee from Café Steam in the mornings (and some planned coffee/beer collaborations).

Thesis Beer Project

But what of the beer? Fredericksen loves Belgian beer, but jokes that he can’t brew just those beers to stay afloat economically.

“I have a philosophy that beer is a lot like music; there’s a perfect song for every moment in time, right?” Fredericksen muses. “There’s a perfect beer for every place in time. If you put me on a boat in the middle of summer and it’s hot out, I have no problem having a few Bud Light Limes because it fits that time, that place. … One of my favorite things about beer is that it can be so diverse.”

Thesis will brew plenty of styles on its five-barrel system. Fredericksen intends to have a handful of approachable, easy-drinking beers (think lagers like a pilsner), but also a handful of experimental beers he wants to push boundaries with (think hazy IPAs).

It hasn’t always been easy for Palmer and Fredericksen to get to this point, but along the way, they’ve learned and grown along with their project.

The duo says working on the project together has been a boon – and each brings different skills to the project.

“I’ve learned a lot about our relationship and just how similarly we think about a lot of things,” Palmer said. “I’ve learned we’re a really good team… that we approach problems in (the) same way.”

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