What do you get when you combine a rockin’ instrumental band, a bus, LaCroix, and a pink wig? We’ll all find out at Loud Mouth Brass’ all-ages concert and video premiere on Friday, Jan. 18.

The music video that rocked the bus

Loud Mouth Brass, a local band comprised of Eric Stashek (baritone sax), Jon Knutson (trumpet), John Sievers (trombone), Ryan Donohue (tenor sax), Becca Combs-Cawley (tuba) and Nick Novotny (drums), is excited to share their video of the song “18D.” The video was created with Nathaniel Nelson and Maggie Panetta from Treedome, a studio based in Winona, over the course of about five hours.

“The video for 18D, a song written by our drummer Nick Novotny, was filmed in and around a bus,” said John Sievers. “18D is the name of a bus route that inspired Nick to write the song, so we thought it was fitting to film the video on a bus.”

Becca Combs-Cawley, the band’s “Bluesaphone” player, connected Loud Mouth Brass with a bus on loan from Return of the Robin. And they made excellent use of it.

“Let’s just say some of us put on tight pants, some of us wore pink wigs, we all drank a lot of LaCroix, and by the end of the shoot we froze our lips to our mouthpieces on top of the ice-coated bus,” Sievers said. “But don’t worry—no Loud Mouths were injured in the making of the video.”

Sievers says the video is extra-special for him since it includes his entire family, plus friends from the Rochester Posse.

The concert that will rock Old Pine Theatre

Loud Mouth Brass decided to debut the video properly — with a multi-band show on a big stage. Olde Pine Theatre fit the bill.

The show’s lineup on Jan. 18 will feature a set from Sterling and The Silver Lining, followed by the 18D video premiere—which is one of the tracks from Loud Mouth Brass’s 2018 EP, “Loud and Proud”—and conclude with a set from Loud Mouth Brass. Sievers says the band is hoping to see lots of families and music students there. “It’s really cool to share a show with another local band, and Sterling and The Silver Lining is really a treat with a unique sound,” he added. “While you’ll be able to watch the video online after the premiere, Loud Mouth is ready to live up to our name, and we promise to bring the megaphone!”

Loud Mouth Brass is excited to share this show with the greater Rochester community because it features local musicians and filmmakers “fearlessly pursuing their creative dreams.”

“We got Sterling and The Silver Lining involved with the show because they are a band that—besides having some inspired music that makes your skin feel prickly—shows up and supports other local musicians,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to playing a show in Pine Island at a historic theatre where Ted Galaty is doing awesome things to support his regions arts ecosystem. I’m looking forward to hearing Sterling and The Silver Lining pour out their musical hearts on stage. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my family and showing them what I love to do. ... And I’m looking forward to brass band music played really loud!”

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