"Walk up in the party like I own it (yeah yeah), walk up in the party like I own it"-- the hook to Vaso Major’s first single may be simple, but it’s a milestone for Rochester’s newest and youngest rapper.

Six-year-old Devasi Major Johnson released his first song in late February: " Like I Own It."

"I’m a born legend, that’s what my daddy say/I can do whatever, that’s what my mama say," Devasi raps in the song.

The song and video feature local musician Demetrius Johnson, Devasi’s father. Johnson, who goes by the stage name "Nock," wrote and produced the song through his company, GPE productions.

Devasi’s birthday was coming up, and Johnson wanted to do something special -- something his son would remember for years.

"I wanted to make it … a little more serious, I had someone from my production team come and film the video," he said.

Devasi, for his part, "thought it would be cool."

Johnson is currently working on a (yet-untitled)mix tape for Vaso Major.

"It’s probably not going to be a lot of songs, it’s just going to be enough for people to get an understanding of the cool kid he is," Johnson said. "I incorporate a lot of what he likes to go and try to bring it to life for him.

"I know he has a lot of passion, and when I’m here recording, I see how he’s able to chime in and he has a lot of his own ideas," Johnson continued.

Outside of the studio, Devasi has a wide range of interests -- mainly athletic.

"I want to be a basketball player, a soccer player, and a football player," he said.

Devasi’s also "working on to be a good music player and singer."

"He’s going to be the first to do it," Johnson added.

Hear "Like I Own It" on YouTube, and follow @vaso_major on Instagramand Facebook.