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10 (or so) questions with ... Emily Sandberg Gold

Emily Sandberg Gold

photo by Matthew Simmons

Emily Sandberg Gold, former supermodel-turned-biz consultant

Rochester Magazine: Favorite magazine cover of all time with you on it?

Emily Sandberg Gold: Italian Vogue. I believe it was in November 2002.

RM: Well, that’s a hurtful start because you’ve actually been on the cover of Rochester Magazine twice.

ESG: Let me take that back. The cover of the Rochester Magazine with me on the runway when I had dark brown hair. And the cover of the Rochester Magazine that we shot in the photo shop.

RM: Yes! That’s right! Can you still mime?

ESG: Yes. I can mime.

RM: Does it ever come into play, or …?

ESG: It did when I was modeling, but not so much anymore. It started when I was with the Masque [Youth Theatre in Rochester]. Being aware of your body, the space around you, the actors next to you, the ability to perform and have the fourth wall. That all helped with modeling.

RM: I’m going to give you some names. You tell me what you all have in common. Katie Hein, Brianne Peterson, Bethany Schauder, Emily Sandberg, Crin Zaborowski, and Anna Rabe.

ESG: We were all cheerleaders in Rochester Central Lutheran School.

RM: Yes. Seventh-grade cheerleaders in 1994. OK. I’ve heard you’re a nightmare to play board games with.

ESG: Yes. My son cries. But you can’t just let them win all the time. You need to teach them how to play so they learn. I will sometimes give away strategy tips just to take a little bit of pressure off my child. But when I’m playing against my parents or any other adults, I do not give away any hints or tips.

RM: Where are you now?

ESG: Nashville. I’m in my living room. I work in my office at my house. It’s awesome.

RM: Somebody described you as the first supermodel to segue into the tech industry.

ESG: I founded Twice Social. I’ve been doing social media for years. We help companies, individuals, and brands develop their own branding, develop a strategy, develop a presence online, promote it, and maintain it.

RM: And the supermodel beginnings seem like one-in-a-million.

ESG: I went to New York when I was 18 after modeling a little in Minneapolis. I signed with Next, was shot by Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh and Paulo Roversi, then three months later landed my first cover on Italian Vogue. It happened really fast.

RM: Was that kind of naivete helpful for you in hindsight?

ESG: Oh, it was wonderful, ignorance is bliss. I learned so much so quickly. Luckily, I got a lot of great advice. And my family back in Rochester really kept me grounded.

RM: Tell me about your kids.

ESG [laughing]: Well, first, they’re way smarter than me. Henry’s nine and Etta just turned three. Right now, both my kids are with my family in Minnesota. So my husband and I have been sleeping a lot.

RM: Why’d you choose Nashville?

ESG: Quality of living, raising a family, and my husband [Gary Gold] is in music. He’s a drummer and a music producer.

RM: How often do you listen to “Carry The Torch,” by the Neville Brothers?

ESG: Oh, I haven’t heard it in years.

RM: I would think that would be something you’d bust out every once in a while because that’s something that Gary co-wrote. Does he still do a lot of music now?

ESG: He does. He just recently played with Jerry Douglas. He’s working with Ivan Neville on some stuff. We have a soundproof music studio in the basement.

RM: Do you still get residuals from things like The Devil Wears Prada?

ESG: Yes, I get like a $43 check every once in a while. It just shows up in the mail. The movie plays somewhere and then you make money. It’s too bad I wasn’t a movie star because you get residuals, nice fat checks, every year, which I don’t get.

RM: Anything else you wanted to talk about?

ESG: Well, you could ask me who my favorite client is.

RM: OK. Who’s your favorite client?

ESG: Oh, thanks for asking. I’ll tell you who my favorite client is. My favorite client is Sandberg Law Firm in Rochester, Minnesota.

RM: That name is a coincidence. Who owns that?

ESG: Peter Sandberg.

RM: Hmmm. And how do you happen to know Peter?

ESG: Well. Peter is my dad.

RM: OK. So I guess ….

ESG: Do you want to know my favorite counseling center?

RM: OK. What’s your favorite counseling center?

ESG: Thanks for asking! It’s Flourish Counseling Center in Rochester, Minnesota.

RM: And who owns that?

ESG: Allison [Jean Loftus].

RM: Right. And how do you know Allison?

ESG: Well, she is my sister.

RM: OK. I better end this right now.

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