Every so often, we find some really interesting and helpful free websites or tools that are often as good as a premium version, but without the cost.  

Here is a list of free tools to help you get creative, get more done, and be amazing online.


Stock Photos

New Old Stock - vintage photos from public archives

Flickr Creative Commons - Yahoo's Flickr offers millions of photos that are free to use

Barn Images - Great photos from great photographers

Snapwire Snaps - High resolution and high quality images. Some amazing shots here.

Pexels - Free stock photos can improve your online marketing campaigns. Also check out Pexels Video for free videos.

Stock Snap - Another great site for stock photos, all free and without license restrictions.

Design for Websites, emails, and other online advertising

Template Stash - Great site with thousands of templates for all types of sites. Some of the templates are free, some are not, but it is a good place to get inspired.

Weld - If you know what you want and have the images and text, Weld is a great tool to quickly put together a web app that will work on any device.

Get Productive

Zapier - If you have ever needed to get move inforamation (emails, articles, files) from one website application to another, you have experienced the pain that this can be. Zapier solves this problem by connecting 2 services and automating the process of copying information from one to the other.  Examples include copying article text mentioning a certain company or topic to evernote or google docs and  emailing a few contacts everytime a form comes in from your website.  Zapier connects hundreds of websites and it might just solve your problem.  Another option to checkout is IFTTT (If This Then That).

Perch - There is so much noise on social media and reviews.  Perch is a mobile app that boils it down for you and has been around for years.

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