Managing Your Events Calendar Account FAQ

Can I use my current log-in?

No, you must create a new log-in. See “How do I create an account?”

How do I create an account?

  1. Go to and click on the person icon on the far right (next to the magnifying glass)

how to 1.png

      2. Either click “Log In” if you have a preexisting account or click “Sign Up Today” to create an account

how to 2.png


How do I submit an event?

  1. Once signed in, click on “Dashboard”
how to 3.png

      2.Once in the Dashboard, click on “Calendar events” either on the right side or on the left side (#3).  

how to 4.png

      3. Once in calendar events, click on either “Create an event” or “Click here to submit one”

how to 5.png

      4. Fill out the page as complete as possible

how to 6.png

      5. Once page is filled out, click on “Create Event”

how to 7.png


How do I edit an event that I’ve submitted?

  1. Go to your Dashboard after signing in
edit event 1.png

     2. Click on “Calendar events” on either left or right side, then click on “Manage events”

edit event 2.png

How do I feature my event?

  1. Sign in and go to your Dashboard
feature 1.png

      2. Click on “Calendar events” on either the right or left side. Once in calendar events, click on either “Create an event” or “Click here to submit one”

feature 2.png

      3. Fill out all information to create an event, then click on “Create Event”

feature 3.png
feature 4.png

      4. Once event is created, an “Enhance your event” page will come up giving you various options to Feature your Event

feature 5.png

How do I find an event?

  1. Go to

      2. If you know the name of the event, type it in here

find 1.png

      3. If not, click on “Advanced Search”, and fill in as much info as you are able here.

find 2.png


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