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We believe that camp is the best way for campers to experience personal growth, make new friends, and learn and know of the love of God while in a temporary community that is safe and fun!  Camp Victory is ready to meet the needs of your family!  Review Camp Victory summer camp options and choose one or several of the many options that will suit your family, child and schedule the best.

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Art Exploration

Learn the art of painting on canvas, construct a theatre backdrop, learn face painting, and discover the skill of puppetry.  Campers will learn how to work with canvas, gesso, and acrylic paints to create individual canvases and work together as a team to create one large theatre backdrop. They will learn basic face painting techniques and puppetry skills using Pelham Marionette Puppets from England. 

Culinary Camp

Introduce your child to the world of cooking.  Give your child an incredible opportunity to build a culinary foundation they will treasure throughout their life.  Campers will have lessons in kitchen safety, culinary tools, reading and following a recipe, measurement conversion, cooking techniques, and plating.  They will dig through the refrigerator to identify ingredients, learn to keep their tables clean, and will be “quizzed” on what they learned verbally by the chef.    A baseball cap to wear in the kitchen all week is included in the price of the camp.

Survivor Camp

Under the supervision of camp staff in a controlled environment, campers will learn to build snares, campfires, and track wild animals.  They will learn to find their way through the woods using map & compass and GPS.  This week is a combination of survival skills and adventure tasks.  The group will not only learn what plants and critters they can eat in the wilderness but sample them.  They will learn to make a fish trap and prepare the fish for breakfast after sleeping out in the survival shelter they built.  They will learn knot tying and first aid skills. The week is designed for Explorer aged youth.  It is great way to meet new friends, gain valuable skills and share a memorable and fun experience while learning the truths of God in His incredible wilderness.

Media Camp

Step behind the lens and snap the still shots or shoot streaming video to create the story.  Working as a team campers will produce various projects like daily newscasts, weekly camp videos or creative commercials.  These productions will be shown during camp.  Go beyond photography and be the talent, learn to write scripts or edit the final product on the computer.  There is an aspect of media camp for everyone.

CSI Camp

A heist has taken place at the Camp Victory.  Working as a team you will learn basic detective and forensic skills to solve the crime.  Learning from professionals such as Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose and Mankato Police Deputy Director Vokal Atkins your team will tape off the “scene”, collect evidence, analyze data, and interview suspects. We’ll focus on fingerprinting, interviewing suspects, and following leads.   Crime fighters will learn about forgery/handwriting and ink analysis. They will use scientific techniques & deductive reasoning to narrow down ‘who-dun-it’!

Lewis & Clark Expedition

Travel back in time and experience the life and times of Lewis & Clark.  Shoot a flint lock rifle and black powder musket.  Use a hand auger to build a real log cabin.   Cook dinner in a Dutch oven and camp out under the stars.  Make a leather bound journal to keep record of your adventure.  Make your own leather moccasins.  Listen to the story of Lewis & Clark’s journey come alive told by a living historian. Lewis and Clark Camp teaches discovery and exploration, teamwork, how to use a map and compass, how to make a map, knowledge of American explorers, and how to “rough it” in the wilderness.  Join us on this epic adventure into the past!

Model Rocketry Camp

Come build your own model rocket and learn about aerodynamics, rocket stability, model rocket propulsion, and launch procedures. Explore various models of rocket construction, flight design and send your own rocket into space. You will have a blast learning about the parts of a rocket, how to put it all together, painting and sending it soaring through the air under the careful eye of our staff. We will begin with simpler Estes rockets and build up to more challenging rockets. Campers may be able to retrieve or save a rocket to take home. Rockets come in all shapes and sizes and are launched from a safe distance with an electric signal from a control pad.

Sewing Camp

Learn to thread a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, and use different stitches.  Learn basic hand sewing techniques and become comfortable on the sewing machine while making your very own animal pillow and pajama pants.  Under the guidance of Lori Jorgenson owner of Lo Jo Stitches of Byron students will come away having learned to use a seam gauge to measure seam allowance accurately, pin correctly, sew a hem, and make a casing all of which are fundamental skills that will be used again and again.

Spy Academy

As a spy in training, you and your team of elite agents will go through spy boot camp learning basic skills in martial arts (special introductory training by Fred Gommels from Martial Arts Fitness Center), code breaking, use of spy gadgets, rifle and pistol training, scaling walls and repelling from roof tops. Graduation from the academy is based on your ability to become proficient in the use of spy techniques to gain the identities of as many undercover staff spy's as possible. If not careful staff agents will uncover your true identity. 

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