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Crossings at Carnegie


About Crossings at Carnegie

Camps available for ages 3-18!

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Just Bead It!

Design jewelry for yourself and your friends! Learn real jewelry-making techniques to create a variety of bracelets and necklaces. Personalize your jewelry by creating your own beads out of paper and fiber. Combine these with a fun bead soup to make colorful necklaces and stretchy bracelets. Learn different knots to feature your custom beads, how to string and crimp, and awesome ways to create patterns by weaving seed beads with needles and thread. Take home several new pieces of jewelry.

Colorific! Explore Painting in New Ways

Painting with a squirt gun -- What? Yes! This camp is full of ideas to color everything from hair to shirts, from canvas to food! Explore tie-dye, bubble painting, alcohol inking, and more. Fun new ways to make your world as colorful as you are. You’ll make several fun projects to take home and admire.

From Selfie to Avatar: Sketching Your Alter Ego 

Have you ever taken a selfie? Not like this, you haven't! Visualize and sketch an avatar inspired by your own, real or imagined, personality. In your imagination, are you a superhero? Maybe you sport cat ears or wear jet-powered boots. Your avatar is you, as you always wanted to be. Use your selfie to bring your avatar to life! Create a handmade, one-of-a-kind booklet filled with your drawings and final creation!

Faces in Clay

Get your hands good and muddy while you're learning the techniques of hand-building with clay! Sculpt a mask of yourself using molds, hand tools and your own imagination. Learn what 'slip' is and how you can use it.  Rolling, pinching, stamping - you'll have plenty of time to dig into your projects. Choose from an array of colorful glazes to finish off your ceramic projects!

Machines Behaving Badly- Building Robots

Want to build a 3-pound robot, then try to rule over your campmates’ creations? Ever wondered how RC cars work? Do you like to build or take stuff apart? Don'  think you can build anything but would like to? This is the camp for you! Learn about robots, motors, wheels, tools and cool stuff. Get your creative juices flowing and find a new use for your broken toys and other junk from home. Everybody gets to build a machine and we guarantee that your machine will move when you are finished. On the last day, parents and campers will gather for a tournament where we’ll learn whose robot will be crowned conqueror over all.

Mixing Mud and Math! 

Want to know how you mix up mud with math? Just let your left brain and your right brain play with each other! First, squeeze out some delightful clay shapes with a clay extruder (what's a clay extruder?... think giant playdoh machine), then, use geometric formulas to convert your drawings into slab-built creations. Next, use hand building techniques to engineer art sculptures to be proud of. Finally, choose from an array of colorful glazes to finish off your ceramic projects!

Learn to Throw! Pottery Wheel Camp 

Let the mud fly. Experience a real clay studio! Learn or improve your skills; wedge clay, center and form cylinders, bowls, plates, and anything else you can create. You will follow the process from start to end, trimming and finishing your pieces with beautiful glazes. You will gain knowledge of safety, tools, pottery terms, stages of clay, and how the kiln firing works. Camp runs Tues-Fri so we can bisque fire your work over the weekend to prepare it for glazing on the following Monday. Returning campers can take any session and receive instruction on more advanced projects and techniques.

Run with Scissors! Textile Camp

Sewing is fun and a great outlet for creativity! All campers will have access to their own sewing machine; there will be pressing aids and other sewing tools available. New campers will learn to measure, cut with scissors, iron, and use a sewing machine to make a variety of projects, including their own pincushion, drawstring back pack, and a pillowcase! Returning campers get to choose from an assortment of patterns and fabrics to make something to wear or something for their room. Materials, trims and supplies provided!

Alakazam- You're a Star! Performance Magic

Perform and star in a Magic Show. No experience necessary! You will learn all of the magic you need to know to put on this show. Magicians of all experience levels are welcome. Past campers will learn magic never before taught at our Crossings Magic Camps. You'll also learn presentation skills, staging, creating a routine, and using music in a magic show. Perform on stage with a winner of America's Funniest Magician competition, plus gain self confidence and learn skills you can use throughout your life. Sign up soon - class is limited to 10.

Mixed-Up Media- Unusual Art Projects

Art has never been such mixed up fun!
We are going to mix it up and create some fun and unusual art projects! We’ll use all sorts of materials to create art-tastic masterpieces every day of this fun-filled camp. We will be working with basic art supplies like paint and glue, but then we will mix it up by using some non-traditional items like sand, beads, glass, fabric, tape, and a few surprise items! You’ll have so much fun and create such unique art you won’t be able to decide which wonderful work of art is your favorite!

Messy Munchkins- Engaging the Senses 

This hands-on experience engages all of the senses to spur curiosity and wonder! Painting with shaving cream, puppets, clay pendants, song, kid-made musical instruments, movement and a huge variety of daily activities are all part of this camp, at just the right length for these little artists. We are child-guided in this camp, introducing children to art tools and their use, then allowing them to launch on their own explorations.

3D 4 5 Days- Sculpting and Casting 

Prepare to get your art OFF the paper and into 3D! This camp will push the limits of your imagination by using all kinds of mediums: Metal, wood, found objects; any 'thing' you can glue, tape or nail together to build funky, pretty, strange or just plain fabulous sculptures of 3D art! Back by popular demand is the campers' favorite - a plaster cast...of your very own hand.

The Trill of Printmaking

Have you ever created artwork so marvelous that you wished you had multiples? Well, now you can! In this exploratory printmaking camp you'll get the chance to produce multiple images of your ideas that formerly had to be one-and-done. Create using a wide variety of media including E-Z cut, Styrofoam, monotype, paper marbling, collagraph and your choice of subjects from animals/nature to line design and Zentangle to your own logos and symbols.

Sculpture Welding 101- Working with Metal

Bend metal to your will! Apply heat to weld it together! The result will be your very own metal sculpture. This is your chance to design and create sculptures with stainless steel! Using the metalworking techniques of bending, welding, and polishing, you will make your own, one-of-a-kind steel sculpture, under the supervision of a professional metal sculptor.

Imagine This! The Art of Improv Theater

Spend the days exploring fun and spontaneous theater games and the art of improvisation! By playing games and learning to take risks in a safe environment, you'll develop an ability to tell stories collaboratively and work in the moment. Improv is an excellent tool for improving self-expression, listening skills and body awareness, and for boosting self-confidence...all the while having a gargantuan blast! The two weeks of fun and games all lead up to a show you’ll perform on the last day of camp.

Musical Theater: The Sound of Music

If you love to sing and act, this junior version of "The Sound of Music" will be a great experience! Auditions on the first day and then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse up until the onstage performance the final evening! Your imagination will help us create minimal set pieces as we focus on memorizing the songs and speaking lines. At the audition you will be asked to sing a short song, with the piano to help...something from the Sound of Music, Happy Birthday or Silent Night, or anything else you'd like, as long as you bring piano music. Pages of the script will be provided for the speaking auditions. By the last day of camp, you'll find that you have a brand new family of wonderful friends! 

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