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Our goal is to inspire, challenge and empower all students.

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Our mission is to inspire, challenge and empower all students with the knowledge and skills required to reach their full potential, to contribute to future generations and to become involved members of a global community.

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Phone: 507-328-4000

Cheerleading Level 1 (Gr 2-6)

Daggers, Candlesticks, Hurkees--Oh My! This week is dedicated to learning the fundamental hand and arm movements of cheerleading. You will focus on motion drill routine, a short dance, basic stunting skills, sideline cheers, and a variety of jumps. 

Cheerleading Level 2 (Gr. 2-6)

This cheer camp will increase in difficulty and build on the skills learned in Level 1. Participants will be introduced to power tumbling as well. 

Kick Line Camp

Kick Line Dancers WANTED! Community Education is excited to offer four days dedicated to learning kick line maneuvers. You will learn the basic kicks, leaps, and turns that will lay the groundwork for you to take part in a type of dance that will have you combining jazz, hip hop, and ballet moves. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your sneakers and water bottle.

Gymnastics-Beginner (Gr. K-6)

Beginner class is open to all gymnasts. We will focus on developing basic gymnastics skills on all events, including forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, basic springboard technique pullovers on the bars, walking and jumping on the beam, and basic vaulting skills. Instructor: Mandi Hewitt. Gage East, 930 40th ST NW. 

Gymnastics-Intermediate (Gr. K-6)

Intermediate gymnastics class is appropriate for all gymnasts who have mastered the basic gymnastics skills of cartwheels, walking and jumping on the beam, pullovers on the bars, and squats on the vault. In this class, we will work on beam tumbling, back and front walkovers on floor, back hip circles, and more advanced gymnastics skills. Instructor: Mandi Hewitt. Gage East, 930 40th ST NW.

Performance Gymnastics (Gr. K-6)

The Performance Gymnastics class is open to all girls grades K-6 who have mastered the basics of gymnastic skills of a round off, back walkover, squat on vault, and are interested in advancing their gymnastic ability. This class will perform in exhibition meets at the end of each session and will receive performance scores by Rochester's best high school gymnasts. Instructor: Mandi Hewitt. Gage East, 930 40th ST NW. 

Girls Volleyball Camp (Gr. 3-5)

Increase your volleyball skills in serving, passing, setting, and spiking. Students will use specially weighted balls for the beginner to develop proper technique. Hitting approach, as well as rules of the game, teamwork and ball control will be covered. You Dig?

John Marshall Girls Basketball Camp

John Marshall coaches approach coaching and instruction by focusing primarily on teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, self-confidence, and improvement. Each player will receive a T-shirt, ball, and a certificate of participation. Please indicate shirt size--choose from adult or youth sizes S, M, L, or XL.

Girls Lacrosse (Gr. 5-12)

Refine your passing, catching, and shooting skills with this week-long camp. The camp will focus on conditioning and have you running several skills and drills that will get you ready for the coming season and is designed for girls who intend to play on the middle school or high school teams during the 2016 season. Bring your eye wear, tennis shoes, mouth guard, cleats, water bottle, and stick. Get ready for a workout! For additional information or for help securing equipment, please call Kerry at 328-4053.

Girls Lacrosse Summer League (Gr. 7-12)

Summer Lacrosse is a great way to stay active during the summer. Each week your team will work on skills and drills as well as play a full field 12 v 12 game. Coaches will be on site to assist with the skills and drill portion of your afternoon as well as game strategy. All players are welcome; experience is favorable but not necessary. All players must have a field stick, goggles, and mouth guard to play as well as tennis shoes or cleats. A T-shirt is included in class fee, indicate size when registering. For additional information or for help securing equipment, please call Kerry at 328-4053.

Boys Lacrosse (Gr. 3-12)

The fastest growing sport in the U.S. is coming back to Rochester for some summer fun. Come out and pick up a new sport; develop your skills while making friends. This camp will be four days long and cover the basic skills, team rules, field positions, and game strategy. All participants should bring their own equipment, including a stick, ball, helmet, pads, and water bottle. For additional information or for help securing equipment, please call Kerry at 328-4053.

Flag Football (Gr. K-3)

Ready, Set, HIKE! Here is your chance to master those fundamental football skills you have been meaning to work on. Run drills, play games, and begin to lay down the groundwork that you would need to be a future Heisman winner. Age-appropriate drills will foster growth in passing, catching, and field positions.

John Marshall Boys Basketball Camp

Rochester John Marshall coaches and players provide group work on team play, daily game opportunities, and skills and drills that will teach the fundamentals of the game. Each player will receive a T-shirt, ball, and a certificate of merit. Please indicate shirt size--choose from adult or youth sizes S, M, L, or XL.

Mayo Boys Basketball Camp

The Mayo Basketball Camp offers excellent instruction in the fundamentals of basketball! Mayo High School coaches and players provide group work on team play, daily game opportunities, and a free throw tournament. T-shirts and certificates of merit will be awarded to all attendees. Please indicate shirt size,--choose from adult or youth sizes S, M, L, or XL. Students will receive a basketball on the last day of camp.

Mayo Football Fundamentals (Gr. 2-5)

Mayo coaches and athletes will provide excellent instructions in fundamentals of passing, kicking, blocking, and punting. Drills will also emphasize the basics of each position on both the offensive and defensive sides of the game. This non-contact camp will be held at the Mayo High School football fields with any rain dates to be held in the Mayo High School gym. Please come in a t-shirt and shorts, football cleats are optional. T-shirts and certificates of merit are awarded to all attendees. Please indicate shirt size-choose from adult sizes S, M, L, or XL. 


Come one, Come all, Come play KICKBALL! That's right, this classic playground game will have you kicking, running, catching, and throwing. What else can we's just that fun! Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.


Grab your glove and favorite baseball cap and take the field! The first day of class is just a practice where we will split up and learn base running, fielding, and batting. The next 3 classes will be a combination of skills and drills and game play, so we will have an opportunity to learn the skills, practice them, and then show them off. 

Track and Field Camp (Gr. 3-8)

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the sport of track and field! Sprinting, jumping, and throwing are all part of the sport. With 18 different events, you'll be sure to find one or more events to excel in. Mayo Spartans Track and Field coach Donny Holcomb, along with his coaching staff, will lead you through the camp. They will focus on teaching the techniques of each event, training tips, and positive competition. There will be a track and field meet on the last day. A t-shirt will be provided, please indicate the shirt size--choose adult sizes S, M, L, or XL. For more information, please contact Donny Holcomb at 398-7094.

Youth All Sports Camp (Gr. K-5)

Join the Community Education staff this summer for an all-around athletic camp. Experience volleyball, basketball, soccer, kickball, disc golf, and many more sports. All activities will be geared to the age level of the child with a focus on sportsmanship, learning the rules of play, and FUN! Participants receive a t-shirt, and prizes will be given out daily for all sorts of challenges. Please indicate shirt size--choose youth or adult sizes S, M, L, or XL. All registrants will participate with students in their own grade/skill level. Please bring a sack lunch.

Nature Explorers Summer Camp (Age 7-9)

Spend the day interacting with nature at Oxbow Park. Our time will be spent hiking, exploring and studying native animals and their habitats. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and brings a water bottle each day. Class will be held inside if there is inclement weather. 

Ceramics Camp (Gr. 5-8)

Love clay? In this class, you will create a variety of different clay projects from a ceramic mug, to colorful beads, to animal sculptures! You will use different types of clay and learn the science and art of creating with clay. You will learn techniques such as slab construction, coil building, ceramic sculpture, glazing, and more. Over the weekend your clay creations will be fired in the kiln, and on Monday, ready to glaze, paint and decorate. You will be taking your creations home on the last day of class. Please bring a lunch, beverage, and snacks and wear clothes you can get messy in. 

Beach Party Fun! (Gr. K-5)

Let's have a Beach Party! We will create a "beach" at Goose Egg Park and spend the day doing what we love about summer! Play in the sand by making magic sand and work on some summertime crafts. Join in a game of summer beach volleyball or toss a water balloon or two around to beat the heat! Come ready to have lots of summertime fun!

Carnival Games (Age 4-Gr. 5)

A piñata, bingo, ring toss, even floating plastic ducks...our day will be all about games, treats, prizes, and fun! Everyone is a winner at this fair! 

You Pick It! (Gr. K -5)

Our backroom has too many leftover craft kits so we need your help! Bring your creative enthusiasm and come make a bunch of amazing projects at a discounted price to help us use them up. We can't tell you what you'll make because every day and every student will be different. We will spread out the options and registrants will get to take turns choosing their favorites.

Summer Craft Camp

If you really love crafting and want a fun place to be for four days of creating join in the Crafty fun! Monday-Scrapbook Art, Tuesday-Extreme Modge Podge, Wednesday-All About Puppets, Thursday-Garden Art Crafting.

Craft Camp Extreme! (Gr. 2-8)

If you are an EXTREME craft lover your will love this all day version of our Summer Craft Camp! The themes are Scrapbook Art, Extreme Modge Podge, All About Puppets, and Garden Art Crafting. Students must bring a beverage and a sack lunch each day.

Disney Theme Week  

The music is fun and the movies happen in exciting places with wonderful characters! We won't actually watch the movie during class but our learning, games, and crafting fun will be based on the Disney movies we all love!  Themes: Frozen, Tangled, Jungle Book, Princess and the Frog

Father's Day Crafting

Father's Day is coming up and here is your chance to make a special surprise for a very special man in your life. We can't tell you what we will be making or it will ruin the surprise, but an uncle or grandpa would like it too!

Fractured Fairy Tales (Age 6-8)

Sure you've heard the story of the Three Little Pigs, but what happens when the story is told from the perspective of the wolf? Join the fun as we take familiar fairy tales and change different components to create entirely new stories. Come prepared to read, write, and act out different stories.

Handcrafts for Little Fingers (Age 5-8)

Give your child skills they can turn into an enjoyable hobby. Children will use simple hand stitching skills to create a moveable felt dog or cat. Other activities will be available as time allows. 

Southern Belle Tea Party (Gr. K-5)

Have you ever wanted to be a Southern Belle? Bring your favorite doll and we will make traditional southern belle accessories from the historical time of the movie “Gone with the Wind”. To celebrate our time together, we will have a tea party with all of our new friends.

Travel the World

Travel the world with us. Visit Mexico on Monday, Africa on Tuesday, China on Wednesday, and France on Thursday. Each day we will make local crafts, have a theme snack, read a story or watch a short movie, and play games in the gym that are all related to our destination. Please bring a sack lunch and beverage. 

When I Grow Up Camp

Students will have many opportunities to do hands-on activities each day as we explore different careers and the various skills and interests they require. Please bring a sack lunch and beverage each day. The fields we will investigate are: Actor, Veterinarian, Doctor, Artist

The Best of Science Explorers (Gr. 2-5)

If you enjoy science and want a chance to experiment and learn with your friends, then this is the class for you. Each day we will explore a different aspect of science with experiments that involve team challenges. Note: some activities will repeat those done in the after-school classes. The topics we will investigate are: Chemistry (chromatography and oscillating reactions), Physics (bridge building and strength testing), Activation Energy and Forensics.

The Lois McArthur Mystery: A Murder Investigation (Gr. 4-8)

All the intrigue, mystery and excitement of an actual case with the Lois McArthur Mystery right here at Northrop! A single scenario that relates biology, chemistry and physics tools to criminal investigations. Each student will be able to conduct the following tests: Blood analysis, fiber analysis, fingerprints, and handwriting analysis to help solve the big case.

Shockingly Fun Electric Excitement (Gr. 3-5)

Electricity is everywhere! Make it obey you in this actively hands-on class! Learn how to make bulbs light and LEDs glow. Spin motors and fans. Sound buzzers and bells. Lift with electromagnets and make electricity with a generator. Melt solder metal and make a wire glow red hot. Make circuits with relays, fuses, switches galore, and unlimited power! Witness buzzing electric arcs; make an electromagnet, trip circuit breakers, and even more. You (boy or girl!) will have a blast and end up knowing a lot about electricity. See for content details and photos. Scientist students should wear shoes you can run in. Supervised lunch period from 11:45 AM to 12:30 PM for scientists enrolled in both Shockingly Fun Electric Excitement and The Magic of Chemistry. Scientists staying for chemistry need to bring their own lunch. 

The Magic of Chemistry (Gr. 3-5)

Chemistry is all around. Join us to create gas bubbles and make liquids change colors almost magically in this actively hands-on class. Write and reveal invisible messages. Make your own elastic putty to take home. Combine warm things to get a cold thing. Expand instant snow. Experiment with acids and bases and make an acid-base indicator. Crush pop cans with air, see how pure oxygen brightens burning, and watch a fire start from mixing only a powder and a liquid. Experiment with dry ice and extreme cold. Scientist students should wear shoes you can run in and realize that clothes might get stained. 

Physics for Kids (Gr. 3-6)

Catapults, Crossbows and more....there are so many fun ways we can learn about physics! Together we will create a bunch of new contraptions.

Junior Science Camp

Students will have many opportunities to do hands-on activities each day as we explore different types of science. We will investigate: Chemistry; Engineering/Construction (Physics and Materials); Activation Energy; and Forensics (detective work). 

Fun with Electronics! (Gr. 3-6)

Using wires, batteries, some small motors, and a bunch of household items, we will make our own little moving robots. This is not a kit, so bring your imagination and creativity!

Chess Camp

Chess for all ages and stages! Improve your game, starting with the basic principles that you will want to keep in mind when playing. Then, we provide tips on how to take the advantage of a better position through to a checkmate. Understand fundamental concepts like "castling" and "check." From rules to strategy, learn how to attack the enemy king. New this year: Multiple achievement levels to challenge everyone from beginner to expert. Show what you've got by mastering the next level! 

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre (Ages 7-18)

Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre is back to present their original version of three classic tails, “Tom Sawyer”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Snow White”. The performances are slated for Friday at 6:30PM and Saturday at 10:00AM at the end of each session in the Century High School Auditorium. 

Mini Musical

 Do you love singing and acting? Well then, join Poppy Lear for a two-week music camp, where we will try out for parts, learn our lines, sing the songs, and perform the popular musical “Fiddler on the Roof”. Family and friends are invited to the Friday night performance at 7:00 PM. In an effort to ensure a positive experience for all students, participants must be able to follow directions and work independently on assigned projects. No refunds will be processed after auditions. 

Adoption Day Camp

Come together to celebrate what we all have in common...adoption! Daily themes through games, crafts, and activities will be explored. Themes may include: Families, Identity (ethnicity and uniqueness), Relationships (friendship and bullies), and Leadership (who are our heroes). Lunch is not provided, so bring a sack lunch and beverage. Please indicate T-shirt size on the registration form--choose youth or adult sizes S, M, L, or XL. We are in need of adopted adults and adopted teens (15 and older) to be counselors and junior counselors. Please email with your interest. 

2015 Summer of Service (SOS)

Join SOS for two weeks of FUN! SOS is a program for youth entering grades 5-12. During each two-week session, youth will work with a team of ten helping our community with different service-learning projects. Fee of $215 does not include a T-shirt. T-shirts must be worn and are an additional fee of $15 each. (Previous years T-shirts are allowed) Choose adult T-shirt size S, M, L, or XL. 

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