Local Woman Honored by Dallas Business Journal

DALLAS, Texas – June 19, 2021: The Dallas Business Journal has announced their annual Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021 award recipients. Tanya Ragan , owner and President of Wildcat Management , is one of just nine individuals who have been named for the award.

Born and raised in southeast Minnesota, Ms. Ragan is a Rochester native who has proven herself an industry expert and difference-maker in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. While Ms. Ragan is headquartered in Dallas, she owns property and has projects both in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. Wildcat Management has an office in Ms. Ragan’s hometown of Rochester, Minnesota.

The Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021 award honors the companies and executives that courageously led North Texas through a challenging past twelve months. The program recognizes the companies that had to make hard decisions, and the key C-suite leaders who fought for the well-being of their employees, communities, and businesses during the pandemic. These companies and business leaders navigated a pathway to economic turnaround, and demonstrated both perseverance and resilience during the events of 2020.

“I’m honored to make this list of outstanding local business leaders. When you look at where we’ve come and where we are today, it’s quite incredible,” Ms. Ragan said. “I’m honored and grateful for my tenants, colleagues, and community leaders for their dedication and trust in me to lead us to a better place.”

Ms. Ragan is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and leader of the movement to redevelop Downtown Dallas . Ms. Ragan has been a part of the Dallas business community for over 15 years, and has played an integral role in the revival of the city’s urban core. Under Ms. Ragan’s visionary direction, Wildcat Management has driven positive transformation throughout Downtown Dallas, including the reactivation of multiple historic districts.

Additionally, Ms. Ragan owns property throughout Rochester, and is eager to continue expanding her investments in her hometown, as well as her support of the community.

Ms. Ragan demonstrated unwavering and exemplary leadership throughout the events of 2020. Ms. Ragan ensured that Wildcat Management’s tenants remained alive and operational, and even allocated full-time employees to provide support and resources to the company’s tenants.

On Tuesday, June 22, the Dallas Business Journal will host the Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021 Awards, celebrating the nine individuals, including Ms. Ragan, and six companies being honored.