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Molly Castle Work

Investigative Reporter

Molly Castle Work is an award-winning investigative journalist. She has investigated a range of topics such as OSHA and worker safety during COVID-19, racially-disproportionate juries and white-owned newspapers' role in promoting lynchings. Molly is skilled at distilling complex information and incorporating multimedia elements to increase understanding. She has produced animated videos, audio features, graphic design and data visualization to accompany her investigative reporting.

Before entering the journalism field, Molly worked in college access and higher education communications in Minnesota. She graduated with her master’s degree from Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland in 2022. Her favorite pastimes are cooking, binging reality tv shows and going on long walks.

Readers can reach Molly at 507-285-7771 or mwork@postbulletin.com.

Every nonprofit hospital, including Mayo, is required to provide free or discounted care, also known as "charity care," to maintain its nonprofit status with the IRS and reap the benefits of tax exemption. Experts say that financially strong nonprofit hospitals need to be doing more to make it a fair exchange.
Many patients haven’t heard of "charity care," also known as financial assistance, although every nonprofit hospital, including Mayo Clinic, is required to provide it. And even when patients discover it, many struggle because the application process is too burdensome or they avoid it altogether, reluctant or hesitant to apply for “charity.”
First Care Pregnancy Center in Rochester is one of 85 crisis pregnancy centers in Minnesota, most of which are affiliated with national anti-abortion networks, that collect data on people facing unplanned pregnancies. In the wake of efforts across the U.S. to criminalize abortion and those who assist abortion care, concerns have arisen over the fact that crisis pregnancy centers collect medical information, but are not bound by data privacy laws.
Crisis pregnancy centers, two of which are in Rochester, may provide misleading information about abortion and contraception, and often do not provide services they claim to offer. Consumers are encouraged to contact the Attorney General's Office with concerns or complaints.
Abortion pill reversal, a controversial and harmful practice intended to ‘reverse’ an abortion halfway through, is still being advertised by Rochester's First Care Pregnancy Center and other Minnesota anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers. First Care Pregnancy Center does not receive state funds, but five centers that promote the practice do.
Chief judge ordered a change to the jury selection process on Monday in response to concerns that the racial makeup of juries is nowhere near reflecting Minnesota’s diversity.
Abortion is legal in Minnesota, but the vast majority of Minnesotans don't know that there are restrictions in place, such as a 24-hour waiting period and a statute prohibiting trained providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, from providing abortion care.
The tampon shortage is the latest in a number of widely-reported supply chain shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic — from toilet paper to hand sanitizer to baby formula. The limited supply of tampons has led to steep price increases and stripped consumers of choice in regards to their menstrual hygiene products.
“I will do what I have to because my kids should not go to a school with a flag at half-staff because kids their age were murdered in their classroom,” said Missy Dodds after the Uvalde shooting. "No more. Never again." Seventeen years ago, Dodds survived the Red Lake, Minnesota, school shooting.
Dan Bissen has worked as a car service advisor for more than a decade, but he has a secret talent — he makes an amazing cheesecake. So good that he makes the cheesecakes for Victoria’s Ristorante and Wine Bar and The Tap House. And it all started as a bet.