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DECORAH — Watercolor artist Douglas Eckheart will present several workshops aimed at the boomer generation this summer.

Eckheart has taught numerous creative workshps throughout his 40-year career in the visual arts.

"Watercolor & Ink: Marks & Symbols to Art" runs May 31 through June 1. The workshop is desigined for beginning and intermediate level students who want to explore watercolor and ink interaction.

Classes are limited to 15 students. Held at Seed Savers, 3094 North Winn Road in Decorah, Iowa.

Workshop rates are $200 for a two-day workshop, cost of supplies is additional.


More information at

Douglas Eckheart

From F. Melius Christiansen to Paul J. Christiansen, Leland Sateren to Rene Clausen, Dominick Argento to Stephen Paulus, and many others, the ensemble will explore our state’s rich choral tradition.

As prelude to this historic happening, earlier concerts of the season have featured premieres of CAE commissions from Minnesota composers Eric William Barnum and David Dickau, and the trend continues with Choral Arts Ensemble’s third and fourth premieres of 2007-2008. CAE

A Party of Lovers at Tea (from A Nation of Cowslips) —Dominick Argento

The Devon Maid (from A Nation of Cowslips) — Dominick Argento

I Find My Feet Have Further Goals — Libby Larsen


There Will Be Rest — Dale Warland

There Was a Time — Eric William Barnum

Old Waters — J. David Moore

Commissioned by American Composers Forum; premiere performance

Thou Shalt Know Him — Craig Carnahan

Hosanna — Rene Clausen

Psalm 126: A Psalm of Ascents — Abbie Betinis

Hymn to the Eternal Flame (from To Be Certain of the Dawn) — Stephen Paulus (b. 1951)


Musica Dei Donum Optimi — Stephen Chatman

Commissioned by Choral Arts Ensemble; premiere performance

Norge, mitt Norge — arr. Kenneth Jennings

The King of Love — arr. Paul J. Christiansen

Jerusalem, My Happy Home — arr. Leland B. Sateren

Wake, Awake — arr. F. Melius Christiansen

Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling — arr. David Cherwien

By and By — arr. Carol Barnett


studied or taught at u of m, not affiliated with lutheran tradition

very spcial with this performa, s

the program is really divers, seclular sacred, poets john keeps emiliy dickeson sara tiedsale.

ready in fall for 2008-2009. ready for first concert in fall.

a great invite for ca, six choirs from around the state, all of the choirs premiering a new piece commissioned by a min composer

performing in afternoon, do all of the pices commissioend, then all combiding for pice by Carol Barnett, Minnesota That’s Me, with all 250 or so voices

Final concert of the season, the program chocked full of inforatmion about next season, dates and themes constructed. like to annouce that in last program, get mouths watering a bit for whats still to come

lourde chapel concert, preconcert


future is right not done writing and will continue to compose

celebrate all music by Minnesota composers, a rich class,

then Paul Jay and Olaf Christianson, spreading.

going to be a special tribute to Minnesota’s cessiquentiall

put questions fourth to dale, what has made minn such a special place for cm over the last century

one of the strongest, Norwegian Lutheran

F Melisu Chrisitanson came, evuanually as chore director at St. Olaf. two of his sons went onto to be outstanding choral directors.

"Choirs from other states do programs featuring all Minnesota composers," Culloton said. "This is definitely the true north star for this tradition."


Hail, Minnesota! is made possible in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota through the Minnesota Sesquicentennial Commission’s Grants Program.

as well as and two nights in a receding session to

"Old Waters" by J. David Moore was commissioned in conjunction with the

piece by Moore commissioned by American composers forum, we were chosen to premier it.

Chatman, Moore, David Cherwing, Abby Batinus and Craig Carnican.

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