At home: Oct. 1, 1944

  • Volunteer workers are needed to assemble a quota of 75,600 surgical dressings by the end of the year. The Red Cross workroom is in the Mayo Civic Auditorium. Mrs. E.W. Buenger of the Olmsted County Chapter of the Red Cross urges women to complete the quota as soon as possible.
  • The YMCA is continuing its public affairs forum today as part of the "American Women in the Postwar World" series. Mrs. Elsa Reichenbach will speak on the topic, "Does it matter if there is work or wholesale unemployment after the war."
  • The Minnesota Gophers showed mercy to the young Nebraska Cornhuskers keeping the score at 39-0 with generous use of reserves.
  • Private Mickey Rooney married Alice Jane Rase in Birmingham, Ala. Rooney is stationed at Camp Sibert, near Birmingham.
  • Forty-seven photographs of Olmsted County men and women in uniform will be added to the collection on display in the windows of the E.A. Knowlton Co. store. Photos received have been displayed in the Knowlton window since the outbreak of hostilities. The war history committee is coordinating this effort and to date approximately 1,000 photographs have been on display.
  • Credit for establishing the first complete station hospital in tents in the European theater is given to Col. Howard Zellhoefer, fellow in surgery at the Mayo Foundation from 1932 to 1936, and now head of the 280th Station Hospital somewhere in England.

In the war: 1944
On the Pacific front, the Marshall Islands are invaded and Americans win a decisive victory in the naval battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to his fourth term, but will not live to ee the end of the war.

America’s industrial might is overwhelming both Germany and Japan and the constant bombing of German and Japanese industry is weakening the Axis war machine.

The war will soon head into its final bloody year.  


War headlines


Carole Lombard killed in air crash after war bond rally (January)

Coast of Oregon shelled by Japanese submarine (June)


Racial rioting concerning black employment in Detroit leaves 34 dead (June)

Navy needs 533,000 men (September)



First US bombing raids since 1942 strike Japan (June)

"Ike" Plans to Destroy German 7th Army (August)


Ernie Pyle killed on Okinawa (April)

Germany surrenders unconditionally to the Allies in Rheims, France (April)

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