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David Hillier

Age: 55.

Address: 1613 31st St. S.W., Austin.

Family: Married 35 years to wife, Carolyn; two children, Jonathan and Annette.

Work experience: Teacher of high school agriculture for five years at St. James, Minn., before returning to the family farm.


Educational background: Austin High School, Austin Community College, University of Minnesota.

Community and volunteer experience: He served for eight years as the Austin Township treasurer and 12 years as a Mower County Board member. He’s on the Austin Area Foundation board.

What are the top three issues facing the county? 1. Elected officials can and should make long-term decisions for the jail/justice center’s future. 2. How reduction/elimination of federal, state funding will affect local tax levies. 3. Road/bridge maintenance funding is falling short.

How do you propose to address those issues? Board must function within statutes affecting county government. He would gather knowledge, input from constituents and staff to make decisions that fit our community. Case-by-case decisions would be made on providing services through employees or service contracts.

What kind of leadership, in your opinion, is required for this position? Individual leaders must be willing to be available to the public, work hard, have a reputation based upon integrity, respect the opinions of others and be willing to abide by the statutes even when unpopular.

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