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By Jeff Kiger

The new University of Minnesota-Rochester campus in the Galleria Mall will include some touches that are decidedly not traditional.

Some classrooms will be "executive-style," meaning they’re more like a business conference room. One of those on the fourth floor will have students sitting in tiered levels where moviegoers used to sit in theater seats for films.

Distance learning through video and the Internet will be linked throughout by cables yet to be run along a lengthy wire basket that snakes above the classes.


The class area for nursing programs will look familiar at first, but expect that to change within a year or two once new nursing accreditation guidelines are created.

"Nursing accreditation standards are changing rapidly," said Lincoln Kallsen, director of financial research for the University of Minnesota. "We will teach it in a very different, interactive way."

Whatever the classes look like, Molloy sees the campus move as a shot in the arm for Rochester’s downtown.

"I think you’ll see a whole new invigoration of downtown," he says.

Meanwhile, the Galleria Mall is also undergoing its own remodeling.

The floor tiles will all be replaced and the walls painted.

The concrete floor will be poured soon for Chester's Kitchen and Bar, the new restaurant coming to the main level of the mall. That eatery will open onto the First Avenue Plaza.

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