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Avoid the high cost of pre-cut fruit.

A plastic container of pre-cut watermelon sells for about $4, or $2.67 per pound. Whole watermelons sell for around $.40 per pound, though it varies by location and time of year.

According to the Watermelon Promotion Board, 70 percent of a whole watermelon is edible, the rest is the rind. So to get the equivalent edible price per pound of a whole watermelon, you multiply ($.40 x 1.3) and you get $.52.

The cost differential between pre-cut and whole watermelon comes to $2.67 - $.52 = $2.15 per pound. That’s a mark-up of more than 400 percent.

The same goes for packaged salads, or any vegetable wrapped or packaged for presentation. There’s generally a high price to pay for convenience.


Source: Tip Hero

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