09Rainfall total

Rainfall from June 6-June 8

Austin 2. 91 inches

Grand Meadow 3.53 inches

Spring Valley 3.65

Wabasha 1.66


Rochester 1.60

Dodge Center 1.50

Zumbro Falls 1.47

By Sarah Doty

The weekend rainfall wasn’t conducive to outdoor activities, but it was beneficial for the land, which has been "abnormally dry" this spring.

"It is pretty positive," said Lisa Behnken, a University of Minnesota Extension educator based in Rochester, referring to the 1.58 inches of rain Rochester received over the weekend. "Most of the reports in the area are saying around one inch, which at this stage of the season is very beneficial."

Along with great timing, the rain came in an ideal fashion, Behnken said. It fell gently and slowly so that it could soak in.


"It’s the best way to get rain," she said. "It will benefit all plants the most that it can."

The rain was sorely needed, said Tom Stangeland, hydro-meteorological technician with the National Weather Service.

Through Sunday night, the normal rainfall value for the Rochester area would have been 10.99 inches, he said. The area is 1.90 inches below that.

The reason for the lack of precipitation can be attributed to the air flow in the region, Stangeland said.

"The air has been a cooler and drier northwest flow," he said. "Normally, we would have switched to a warmer and moister southwest flow, but we haven’t seen that yet this year."

But the air flow might switch soon, he said.

Behnken said that if temperatures stay cool and wet, crops might be harmed.

Stangeland said the next few days will be dry, with temperatures in the 70s, and there’s a chance of rain Wednesday. That might change this weekend with the possibility of precipitation increasing.


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