13suspect profile mk/RK/ mga

The FBI says:

• The offender is a lone male, since most violent crimes of this nature are committed by males.

• The offender had the ability to blend into or move easily in and out of a residential neighborhood without alarming or raising suspicions of the public.

• He likely had some criminal experience with burglary or theft from residences.

• He behaves impulsively. The lack of a clear motive and the manner in which this homicide was committed reflects that behavior. He may have been involved in other impulsive crimes such as burglary, theft, trespassing and window peeking.


• Because of his experience and comfort level entering homes, he may also exhibit the ability to talk his way out of tough or confrontational situations.

• He may have temporarily altered his appearance, such as changing hair styles or growing or removing facial hair after the crime.

• The offender may have temporarily altered his normal activities and behaviors on or after April 17, such as missing school or work, or changing travel habits or moving.

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