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Advice offered for flood cleanup

Olmsted County Public Health Services offers the following information to keep in mind when dealing with basements contaminated by floodwaters or sewer backup.

Both floodwaters and sewage are likely to contain harmful bacteria, viruses and/or chemicals.

Be sure to wear water-resistant gloves and aprons during cleanup. Wash hands thoroughly before eating or drinking and keep contaminated clothes, boots and gloves away from others and clean parts of the house.

Non-absorbent surfaces or furnishings that have been flooded can be flushed, scrubbed and disinfected.


Absorbent materials such as carpeting, upholstered furniture, sheetrock and the insulation in freezers, refrigerators and water heaters cannot be cleaned; it is best to discard them.

If water softener brine tanks have been flooded, they need to be emptied, cleaned and disinfected following the advice of the manufacturer or dealer.

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