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Outbreak closes local restaurant

By Jeff Hansel

A local restaurant has closed temporarily because of a suspected foodborne-illness outbreak.

Olmsted County Public Health reported to the newspaper that "we have initiated an investigation of what appears to be a food-borne illness outbreak associated with patrons of Quizno’s in NW Rochester."


"We’re notified by Olmsted County Public Health that there was a possible food poisoning," confirmed Clyde Rucker, executive vice president and chief administrative officer for the corporate Quiznos chain. He also confirmed that the local franchise restaurant at 3499 22nd Ave. N.W. closed temporarily.

Minnesota Department of Health spokesman Doug Schultz said there were "only a few illnesses that I know of" related to "some type of salmonella."

In an e-mail to the Post-Bulletin, Rich Peter, director of Environmental Health for Olmsted County, said the restaurant was closed by management of the restaurant "as a precaution."

The restaurant will remain closed, he said, until:

1. Staff at the facility that handle food can be replaced with other staff.

2. Previously existing food at the facility can be removed.

3. Disinfection of food contact surfaces can be completed.

4. Management of the establishment and the investigators concur that the facility is ready to be re-opened.


Peter said investigators from Public Health, the Minnesota Department of Health and restaurant managers are collaborating to "identify if this illness outbreak is associated with a) food supplied to the facility or b) associated with a possible staff member."

Rucker said no further information is available.

He said if customers believe they became sick after eating at the restaurant or want more information, they should call the health department.

Health officials are meeting with Quiznos managers today for "a probable re-opening tomorrow morning."

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