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About the writer: Al Dollerschell is a retired RCTC librarian. He and his wife, Marcia, a retired pre-school teacher, have traveled extensively throughout the world in the last ten years.

Getting there: We flew American Airlines from the Twin Cities to Dallas to Buenos Aires where we boarded the Norwegian Dream cruise ship of the Norwegian Cruise Lines, which took us around Cape Horn to Santiago, Chile.

Where to stay: Vantage World Travel scheduled our hotel stays. In Buenos Aires we spent three nights at the Hotel Emperador. After 14 nights on the cruise ship we stayed at the Santiago Marriott in Chile for three nights.

Where to eat: Beef dominates the menu in South America. We participated in two asados (outdoor barbeques) at estancias (ranches) outside Buenos Aires and Montevideo and enjoyed a parrillada (a mix of grilled meats) and empanadas (meat pies) at outdoor restaurants. An evening dinner and tango show at El Viejo Almacen in Buenos Aires was a highlight. The ship provided freestyle dining in a variety of restaurants.

Your travel tip: Be flexible and patient. The unexpected may add to the adventure.

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