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We asked: What do you think of gas prices today?

"They are charging whatever they can get, and they are getting it."

— Jim Samuel, Austin

"We were planning on going to Florida this summer. Right now that’s up in the air. We have had to spend a lot of the money we have saved up because when gas prices go up, everything goes up. It gets to be a pain. I’d like to see them go down."

— Dustin Weber, former Austin resident


"My car used to cost me $15 to fill up. I just spent $35 for 11 gallons. It’s ridiculous."

— Angie Flaherty, Austin

"People still come and buy it. It’s the same as normal. People still need to travel."

— Jessica Vanravenhorst, clerk at Freedom gas station, Austin

"It’s too high and (many people) don’t have enough money to pay for it."

— Nicole Jakes, Austin

Compiled by Karen Colbenson /The Post-Bulletin

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