1AA quotes 3-6


"We might have the toughest subsection in the state in Class AA.  As a 17-8 number 5 seed, I feel we could make it through if we play well.  Even number six seed Lewiston-Altura is a very dangerous team."

Tom Bance, Chatfield

"This subsection is probably the toughest in the state having four of the top 20 power ranked teams. Every team is going to have to play high level basketball to make it through this subsection."

Tom Zukowski, Cotter


"Our subsection should feature some terrific matchups.  Based on games played throughout the season, you could make a realistic case for any one of four teams winning the east side of the bracket.  Throw in the usual upset or two that seems to happen each year, and it should be a tournament where the fans will get their money’s worth."  

Terry Knothe, St. Charles

"This year our subsection is really loaded with some very good basketball teams.  I think most any team can come out of this sub-section.  There should be some pretty exciting games."

Kirk Thompson, P-E-M

"These Cotter players have played together for many years, and had nothing but success. We are going to have to play a great game to beat them, but I know that that is in us. We need to know where Bowlin is at all times, especially in transition."

Brian Menk, Lewiston-Altura


"There is more parity in the West Subsection than meets the eye of the casual basketball fan. Everyone now has the same record with an equal opportunity to advance. We are excited to return to the Mayo Auditorium for tournament play after a four-year hiatus."


Shawn Sweeney, Lake City

"Our ultimate goal is to be playing our best basketball during this tournament. In order to advance against the teams in this section you have to focused and ready to compete at a high level. All teams come with an elevated energy level because this is what you work towards all season."

Brian Raabe, Pine Island

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