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By Edie Grossfield

A mountain of snow now stands in northeast Rochester, representing about 40 hours of plowing from the weekend snowstorm.

Using 54 road graders and trucks of various sizes, Rochester street maintenance personnel began clearing the streets at 5 a.m. Saturday. They worked until 7 p.m. And, since the storm didn’t let up, they were back out again on Sunday from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., said the city’s street maintenance manager Joe Fitzpatrick.

"We plowed the main streets four times on Saturday, and we got to the residential streets maybe once or twice," he said. On Sunday, they cleared the main roads three times.


They take the snow to an area just east of Silver Lake and north of Seventh Street Northeast.

On Monday, plows were out from midnight until 11 a.m., clearing remaining piles of snow off the streets. Fitzpatrick said they will continue to be out this week. They also need to scrape off the slushy mess that resulted from ice buildup over the weekend.

The street maintenance workers might not get much of a rest, as another major snowstorm is headed for southeastern Minnesota. The National Weather Service says it is expected to begin dumping more snow here by Wednesday.

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