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Teen Idol at fair

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Fifteen teenagers from across the region faced a single microphone on an otherwise empty stage at the Olmsted County Fair Teen Idol auditions Monday, and it wasn’t easy.

For example, 18-year-old Sigin Ojullu, of Austin, did an a cappella rendition of Nat King Cole’s "Orange Colored Sky" and "The Star Spangled Banner."

"I was pacing back there," she admitted afterwards.


Peregrines in Whitewater again

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The sound of nesting peregrine falcons has returned to Whitewater State Park

The birds were discovered by a birder in mid-May. Experts rappelled down the bluff to get to the site June 12. They found two chicks that were banded. The female chick is named Wenonah, which is the Dakota work for first-born daughter. The male is named Latsch, for John Latsch, an early conservation leader in the area.

Besides the falcons in the park, there are pairs of peregrines nesting in Rochester, Winona and Wabasha.

Mayo surpasses financial goals

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Mayo Clinic has informed employees at mid-year that its financial goals have been surpassed, but the margin remains tight.


"Our June financial results exceeded some very aggressive financial goals," Dr. Glenn Forbes, Mayo’s Rochester CEO and a radiologist, told employees in a newsletter. "We are slightly ahead of our financial plan for the practice for the year, although our overall margin for all activities to support our mission remains small."

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