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Furst Draft

Tips: How to pour beer

The tip box on the cover of the Eat section in the Pioneer Press today ranks right up there with the Star Tribune’s lifestyle cover story several months ago on "how to iron a shirt."

"Tips/ How to pour beer


 It’s Memorial Day weekend -- pass me a beer!

 Just as the right glass makes a beer taste better, so does the way it’s poured, says Samuel Adams brewer Jim Koch. Here are his tips for the perfect pour:

  Use a clean glass that’s free of any detergent residue, odor or foreign substances."

And we wonder why some people find newspapers irrelevant.

Posted by Managing Editor Jay Furst

Reader comments:

To HarleyB, putting beer in a frosted glass is a terrible idea. It may be all right for root beer, but it definitely does not apply to regular beer. The below-freezing temperature of a frosted glass actually destroys beer at the cellular level, making it look hazy and taste funny. That’s why you never put beer in your freezer. Your kids are correct about using a clean glass, but the chilled glass is better left to A&W.

Posted by Jay Brooks


Soap Box

"Horses deserve the right to have a chance at life without dreading the slaughter house." Correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt that a horse is physically or mentally able to "dread a slaughter house." That would require a horse to know (from some sort of experience) what a slaughter house is, as well as have cognitive abilities that I believe simply don’t exist in a horse (as smart as they are).

Reader Comments:

Why are horses different than cows, buffalo, pigs or chickens? Why is it okay to slaughter those animals for food, but not horses? Unless you oppose the slaughter of any animal for food, than it is irrational to oppose the slaughter of horses for food.

By all means put in place guidelines and rules that assure the slaughter is done as humanely as is reasonably possible.

Posted by Jim Rongstad

Jim, personally I don’t agree with the slaughter ban. I’m with you in the fact that there shouldn’t be any difference in how you treat horses, compared to other "livestock." I think the problem is that, at least in this country, some people elevate their "horse status" to that of a beloved pet. So, in their mind, it would be horrible to slaughter their pet for food, so nobody else should be allowed to do it. Never mind the fact that killing a horse quickly and painlessly when it has become old, and is maybe not able to move around without problems, is probably a better way to deal with it. Those people also don’t want to think ahead, to the point that there would be thousands of old, maybe crippled horses in this country if you are not allowed to "dispose" of them any more. Some animals just "lucked out" to be in the elusive group of "pets" which would "protect" them, sometimes legally, in many cases "morally" from treatments we would subject a chicken, pig or cattle to without even thinking about it. It’s a strange world we live in.

Posted by Jennebach


Jim, as a foreign-born European and long-time resident of the area, I find the ban more than disappointing.

Beef, chicken, lamb, ostrich and elk are game. Horses aren’t. I don’t understand the logic, and I don’t understand why one would deprive him or herself of the utmost pleasure of eating horse meat — which, let me assure the PB readers, is an absolute delicacy.

Posted by MC

Kiger’s Notebook

Petsmart + Shoppes on Maine

I knew Petsmart was coming to Shoppes on Maine, but I was told two weeks ago that the final signing had not taken place. So I have been impatiently waiting to report it.

Hhhhmmm … Well, this "signing" that I saw this morning gives me more than enough to report that, yes, Petsmart is going in at Shoppes on Maine.

Does this mean there will be two stores — a north one and a south one? Probably, but I’ll check.

Posted by Jeff Kiger

Reader Comment:

Stuff for me at Super Target, Stuff for my cats at Petsmart. Now, if there would just be a Staples with stuff for my home office, it would be perfect.

Posted by dotk

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