31Rove speaks

By Matthew Stolle

The man called the architect behind President George W. Bush’s two presidential election victories told state GOP convention delegates this morning that now is not the time "to take our colors and roll them up and put them in the closet."

"Now is the time to come out and speak boldly and clearly about what we as Republicans believe is good for America," Rove said.

Rove’s address came at the conclusion of the two-day GOP convention held at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, where Republican delegates endorsed U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman for a second term.


Speaking boldly about those policies means emphasizing pro-growth policies built on "free enterprise, freedom and liberty, Rove said to numerous rounds of applause.

"We believe that there ought to be a limit on what government can take from any one individual, because if government can take anything from anyone, it can take everything from everyone," Rove said.

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