Two weeks after approving a temporary sidewalk extension onHistoric Third Street, the Rochester City Council will likely beasked to reverse its decision.

Alan Yanowitz, an attorney with a law office on the same block,has requested time for Third Street Southwest business owners tospeak during Monday’s council meeting.

"The request for a hearing is based upon the fact that when(Council Member Mark) Bilderback asked the applicant if she hadconsulted with neighboring businesses, the applicant nodded in amanner that upon information and belief was construed as if she hadsaid all affected businesses and property owners were consulted andsupported her application," Yanowitz wrote in a message to cityadministrators.

The applicant was Grand Rounds Brewing Co. owner Tessa Leung,and Yanowitz said several affected businesses didn’t know thecouncil would be considering a one-year pilot project to create asmall parklike space that will serve the same function as asidewalk cafe.

Referred to as a "parklet," the space would be built with wooddecking over three metered parking spaces outside the brewery. Onespace is a 30-minute metered slot, and the others are marked asloading zones outside Grand Rounds.

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Bilderback, who has since met with Third Street business owners,said many concerns appear to stem from miscommunication.

"It wasn’t a clear, concise message," he said.

While disagreements remain, Bilderback said he doesn’t feel it’stime to pull the plug. He’s hoping the project can be put on holdlong enough to continue discussions with neighboring businessowners.

"I really would like to see the groups continue workingtogether," he said, noting the project and related discussionscould affect other proposed changes for the street.

At the April 1 council meeting, Assistant City AdministratorTerry Spaeth said the project could be the first step in trying todetermine the future of the street following reconstruction plannedfor 2020 or 2021. Options discussed have included removing mosttraffic and vehicle parking from the block between Broadway Avenue and First Avenue Southwest.

During the same meeting, Council Member Nick Campion said he liked the concept of testing the new street design because it was"something that makes us uneasy,"

On Friday, he said he’s willing to listen to opposition, but remains undecided whether he would consider revoking thepermit.

Council Member Michael Wojcik has indicated on social media that he might ask council members to reconsider their earlier decision.

"In discussions with staff, some of the materials in the council packet (on April 1) were incomplete or misleading," he wrote.

Deputy City Administrator Aaron Parrish said the request from Yanowitz to address the council doesn’t require action. It will beup to council members to decide whether to reconsider the April 1 decision.

He added that staff members have met with a group of businessowners in the area but does not intend to make a recommendation tothe council.

"There was no consensus developed by the group," he said of themeeting with business owners.

The City Council meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday in council chambersin the city-county Government Center.

Meetings during the week of April 15 include:


• City Council study session, 3:30 p.m. Monday in the councilchambers of the city-county Government Center, 151 Fourth St.SE.

• City Council meeting, 7 p.m. Monday in the council chambers ofthe government center.

• Fire Civil Service Commission, 3:15 p.m. Tuesday in City Hall,201 Fourth St. SE.

• Ethical Practices Board, 10 a.m. Wednesday in room 104 of CityHall.

• Library Board, 4:30 p.m. Wednesday in meeting room C of theRochester Public Library, 101 Second St. SE.

• Zoning Board of Appeals, 7 p.m. Wednesday in the councilchambers of the government center.

• Committee on Urban Design and Environment, 11:30 a.m. Thursdayin room 104 of City Hall.

Olmsted County

• Housing, Health and Human Services Committee, 11 a.m. Tuesdayin conference room 4 of the government center.

• Housing and Redevelopment Authority, 1 p.m. Tuesday inconference room 1 of the government center.

• Administrative Committee, 2 p.m. Tuesday in conference room 4of the government center.

• Physical Development Committee, 2 p.m. Tuesday in conferenceroom 2 of the government center.

• Board of County Commissioners, 3 p.m. Tuesday in the boardchambers of the government center.

• Parks Commission, 5 p.m. Tuesday in conference room A at 2122Campus Drive SE.

• Correction Task Force, 11:45 .m. Wednesday, fourth floorconference room 4105 of the government center.

• Human Rights Commission, 7 p.m. Thursday in conference room 4of the government center.

• Planning Advisory Commission, 7 p.m. Thursday in the boardchambers of the government center.

Rochester Public Schools

• School Board, 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the boardroom of the EdisonBuilding, 615 Seventh St. SW.