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Palin Pink vs. Obama Berry

Lips feeling a little thin and dry? Let’s get political.

Hot Pants cosmetics has released two limited-edition Lip Lust plumping shades to complement this season’s presidential race: Palin Pink and Obama Berry ($19.99 each, While they seem a bit pricey, 50 percent of the proceeds of the two shades will benefit CUT IT OUT, a program for domestic violence victims.

We tried the Palin Pink, a baby pink shade; Obama Berry is described as a "shimmery raspberry." The lip gloss goes on smooth, and while we didn’t notice drastic differences in the poutiness of our lips, the cottonseed oil in the gloss did help add a bit of shape and fullness, minus the stinging or pain of other lip-plumping products. There’s definitely enough shine, and it works like a lip gloss should.

When you open the gloss it has LED lights that shine up at your face while you’re putting it on. At first we thought this feature was fun, but then we couldn’t think of a situation in which it would be that helpful. If it’s so dark you can’t see to apply the lip gloss, maybe you don’t need to be wearing any anyway.


Just like one of the candidates, these shades will be gone after Nov. 4, so snatch them up while you can.

Mama’s got a brand new Brad

You can’t have Brad, but at least you can have his body wash.

If Brad Pitt weren’t so tongue-droopingly beautiful, we might have to be annoyed by his constant do-gooding. In his latest move toward saving the world, Pitt has teamed with Kiehl’s to launch Aloe Vera, a bio-degradable liquid body cleanser.

All of the profits from the bath gel benefit JPF EcoSystems, a charity that supports global environmental initiatives.

Kiehl’s hopes to raise $1 million with Aloe Vera. The first profits will go to support the construction of environmentally sustainable, affordable housing for Katrina victims. The gel, which extends the environmental theme even to packaging that’s created for the lowest possible impact, is $16.50 and is in stores now.

— McClatchy Newspapers

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