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Plastic water bottles can get a second use as humane mousetraps with a device called Catch A Mouse.

Catch A Mouse is essentially a cheese-shaped portal that screws onto an empty water bottle. A mouse enters through a trap door in search of bait you’ve placed in the bottle, and it can’t get back out. The bottle holds the live mouse until you release it.

The device can be ordered for $6.99 plus shipping at



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The names assigned to roses often hint at stories that can be as colorful as their namesakes’ petals.

Writer Molly Glentzer and photographer Don Glentzer share some of those stories in "Pink Ladies & Crimson Gents: Portraits and Legends of 50 Roses." Among the roses they profile are the Captain Thomas, named for Capt. George C. Thomas Jr., who led the first active American bombing squad in France in World War I and went on to hybridize roses, design golf courses and write books on those subjects as well as on game fishing; the Mme. Isaac Pereire, named for Fanny Pereire, who was married to a French financier, yet worked with her husband on behalf of laborers’ rights; and Leda, the mortal queen of Greek mythology who was seduced by the god Zeus. The stories are accompanied by photographic portraits of the roses.

"Pink Ladies & Crimson Gents" is published by Clarkson Potter and sells for $22.50 in hardcover.

— McClatchy Newspapers

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