Downtown Rochester’s Clean and Safe Ambassador Program begins Wednesday.

Through the program, Clean Team ambassadors dressed in bright orange shirts will provide a variety of daily services within Rochester Downtown Alliance’s 44-block special service district.

The work includes:

• Sanitizing high-touch areas of public spaces.

• Power washing sidewalks.

• Picking up litter.

• Pulling weeds.

• Removing graffiti.

• Providing customer service, answering questions and providing directions.

As the team becomes established in Rochester, they will begin adding hospitality, livability and safety program services, including business check-ins and evening walking patrols. All ambassadors are employees of Block by Block, a national vendor selected to operate the program. The same vendor has offered similar programs in downtown Minneapolis and downtown Duluth.

“I’ve been doing training with the ambassador program up in Minneapolis for the past 10 years and have always felt this program would be a great asset for downtown Rochester,” said Tom Claymon, downtown Rochester’s Clean and Safe Ambassador Program operations manager.

Several collaborators have been involved in the program’s rollout to ensure a smooth first season that include various departments at the City of Rochester, Mayo Clinic, and Destination Medical Center. Ambassadors will be receiving training on public safety, local social services, local history, and other relevant topics as the summer progresses.

The Clean and Safe Ambassador Program is supported by the RDA’s special service district members, as well as additional funding from Mayo Clinic, the city and Destination Medical Center.

More details about Rochester’s Clean and Safe Ambassador Program can be found at