I noticed the bubble has been put up at Rochester Regional Stadium. But the bubble looks a bit grubby. Is that dirt or does the bubble have some scuffs and damage? Also, the bubble was on the ground since the spring, did that hurt the turf or put any dips in the ground? -- Mr. Bubbly

We're all concerned about our bubbles these days and everyone likes a clean bubble!

Michael Sheggeby, the director of sports facilities at Rochester Community and Technical College, assures everyone that the grime on the inflatable dome over the athletic field is merely dirt.

“We pressure washed the lower half, but we can’t get the higher up so it will eventually (clean up),” Sheggeby said. Mother Nature should clean it up with rain and snow.

Wise and attentive readers will remember that the bubble was deflated last spring, as it normally is. However, the coronavirus forced a timeout on assembling a crew and putting it away in storage. The bubble sat on the field all spring and summer, a symbol of our deflated hopes for a "normal" summer.

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The artificial turf on the field is only a couple of years old and Sheggeby said that it did not sustain any damage with the bubble being deflated and sitting on it for months.

The foundation around the facility -- just like my vast knowledge -- also remains rock solid.

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