After months of working at home, I finally gave in and bought a three-pack of blue light-filtering glasses. Honestly, I didn't do much research before I purchased them and I just bought what friend purchased, except in different colors/patterns. Now that they are here though, I find myself wondering -- is there any point to these? Could they actually be damaging my eyes? If I wear them near bedtime, will it help negate the effects of screen time? What do you know? -- Blue about my purchase

I've cleaned my lenses and I can see clearly now -- you may have spent your money on an unnecessary item but you don't have to just take my word for it.

Dr. Vivien M. Yip, of Mayo Clinic's Ophthalmology Department, said that while blue light can be toxic to the retina, the spectral emittance of blue light that reaches the retina in order to cause any damage is extremely minimal.

"In fact, exposure to blue light from natural sources such as the sky is more than any emitted from LED lights, laptops, TVs or smart phones," Yip shared with one of my many minions.

On top of that, there is limited evidence to support ocular health damage results from blue light emitted by digital devices, Yip said.

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"Though there are no known dangers to wearing blue light-filtering lenses, there is no evidence that support it is helpful for prevent digital eye strain," Yip wrote.

If you're looking to improve your quality of sleep, the answer probably isn't in the glasses, either.

"There is a lack of high quality evidence to suggest that use of blue light-filtering lenses are helpful with improving sleep," Yip wrote.

In short, no, your glasses are not necessary -- or probably even helpful. But hey, if you look good in them and want to keep wearing them, we can keep this between you, me and my hundreds (if not thousands or even millions) of loyal readers.

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