A contractor working in the Pill Hill area in Southwest Rochester Friday morning caused "something to break apart," prompting a gusher of water to pour out into the area, a Rochester Public Utilities spokesman said.

RPU spokesman Tony Benson said the contractor "hit something" causing "a lot of water to pour into the streets" and an RPU technician was working with the contractor "to get everything back to normal."

"It is not a water main break," Benson said. "There's a contractor down there doing some work in that area, not for RPU, but some businesses in that area. And they hit something."

Benson wasn't able to identify the contractor. The incident happened sometime early this morning. People from the area were calling the PB wondering what had happened.

Benson said the contractor may have been extending water services into an area when the mishap occurred.

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He said customers in the area may see some discolored water and were urged to run a cold faucet for 30 seconds to flush it out. Customers could also see lower water pressure for a period of time.

"We will have RPU water folks in the area, flushing hydrants as well to flush any of that dirty water in that area," Benson said.

Benson said water is under pressure at 115 pounds, so the "water had plenty of pressure behind it to get out of the area."